Maternity Faqs

Perfect for moms to be, nursing moms, and new moms
• Stretches with you while you grow throughout your entire pregnancy
• Removable and adjustable straps simplify nursing
• More stylish and feminine than the standard nursing bra
• Removable padding (great for nursing)
• Keeps you ultra comfortable while dealing with all your mommy duties

Listen to what other moms are saying…

I am so in love with my Coobies. It is all I wear. I am nursing and so my chest fluctuates in size and I have never found a nursing bra I like. These are amazing for nursing and I don’t feel frumpy wearing them!

These are fantastic for breastfeeding!

I saw these bras in a maternity shop, tried them on while 8 months pregnant. So glad I did! I used these ALL the time for nursing and barley even wore the other once. I LOVE. Can’t wait to wear them again (not for nursing, just for comfort).

I have 2 Coobies that I really love. I wore my black one last week during 40 hours of labor & childbirth!

I am 6 months pregnant and have had the hardest time finding a bra that will “grow” along with me and my pregnancy. I stumbled upon the Coobie bra in a boutique and it is absolutely PERFECT. It fits so comfortably, gives me the support and I know it will last my ENTIRE pregnancy plus afterwards! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this product! I am addicted to your bras for life!

I just wanted to let you know these saved me after I had my first baby. I hated those awful nursing bras and this is all I wore when I nursed and I still wear them (especially under tank tops). LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

“I’m hooked! They are so comfy! I can even nurse my baby boy in it easily. Awesome bra for nursing.

I first bought them before having my first baby almost two years ago, and what a relief it was to have my Coobies after delivery. I bought a few in the full size so I could nurse my son in them; I love how the front comes unhooked and it has the same support as an under-wire bra without the under-wire. Pregnancy is hard, and sometimes at the end of the day I want to be comfortable, supported, and stylish. I also have the Coobie tank tops and love, love, love those! Boy do I feel good in my Coobies!

Sooo comfortable you can nurse your newborn in it!!! Anytime, anywhere, my Coobie bras make nursing my new little guy so easy!!!

It’s the only bra I can wear during my pregnancy. Thank goodness for Coobie!

I wore my Coobie all throughout my pregnancy and still continue wearing only Coobies while I nurse! Love Coobie and recommended them to all my friends in prenatal yoga!!

I absolutely LOVE Coobies! Hands down, my favorite bra ever. I’m a nursing mama and the ease and comfort of Coobies (and awesome colors!) make them the perfect bras for me.