TribeTats - Premium Temporary Metallic Tattoos $10.00


TribeTats is the highest quality metallic tattoo brand, representing the intersection of jewelry, tattoos and body art. Using only the best materials to create non-toxic body jewelry with a deluxe adhesive that lasts for up to 6 days. “These are not your typical low quality tattoos!”

TribeTats is the exclusive provider of perforated sheets for easy separation – no scissors required – and Rose Gold designs in addition to Gold, Silver and Black. The Yoga sets also include navy blue accents. Each sheet is well organized. Single sheets and double sheets available. See them in the images to the left. Makes a great gift!

Available in 1 sheet packs for $10.00
& 2 sheet packs for $18.00
Not all designs are available in 1 sheet packs – see images for details (names on top of image)
Some sheets are currently unavailable due to technical difficulties. Back up soon!

Metallic Tattoo Remover Available!
$10.00 for 24 individually packed pads
Proprietary oil blend that gently clears metallic tattoos in one easy step (select
“one sheet” on drop down menu to add to cart)

Tested for Quality Assurance.
100% non-toxic on the skin. In stock now!

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Hi, it’s Adam Slater, President and Founder of Total Stockroom. You know us by the
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With that said, it’s time for a change …We’ll be retiring from the Coobie Seamless
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I’m sure there are many questions and while I could go into the variety of reasons
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