VL Zipper Pouch $12.00


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Introducing the VL Everyday Zipper Pouch!
This little pouch may look small, but is seriously mighty. Durable & washable. Our new designer pouch showcases VL prints or classic colors on the outside & a luxurious velvet (in our signature “color of love” on the inside). Designed for the women on the go. This pouch is so pretty it may just replace your daily wallet or offer a sized down daily purse option.
The VL Everyday Zipper Pouch can fit your daily necessities like your cellphone, lipstick, credit cards, writing pen, cash, nail polish & much more!

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Hi, it’s Adam Slater, President and Founder of Total Stockroom. You know us by the
brand we’ve grown & distributed for years – Coobie Seamless Bras. We’ve poured our
hearts and souls into providing you with comfortable bras for over 10 years now!
Thank you soo much for your loyalty, kindness, warm friendships and of course your

With that said, it’s time for a change …We’ll be retiring from the Coobie Seamless
Bra brand in the near future.

I’m sure there are many questions and while I could go into the variety of reasons
(both business and personal) the outcome will be the same so please understand and
know we appreciate you tremendously.

While we have good stock on some items we’re low or sold out of others. What we
have is what we will have. So…order up & stock up now while you can! We expect a
significant surge of stock up orders….so don’t wait. The site will be updated constantly
so that’s the best place to find what you want.

We are currently planning on continuing to grow and expand our popular Undie
Couture line including new comfort styles in the near future. Stay tuned for more
updates and thank you!


Adam Slater – Total Stockroom President