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How to Get Your Boobs Perkier?

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier
How to Get Your Boobs Perkier

Having attractive breasts is a top priority for many women. However, with age, weight, and pregnancy, they may not look as firm as they used to. If you want to improve the appearance of your breasts, try performing various exercises that strengthen the pectoralis muscles. Doing these below will make your boobs perkier, and it can tone them and improve their support.

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier


You can use various yoga positions to strengthen certain parts of your body, such as your chest muscles. You can also try taking a class to improve your overall fitness.

Bow pose: Bend your stomach and place your arms back behind you. Then, raise your legs up so that your hands will reach your feet.

Cobra: To start this exercise, lie on the floor with your stomach flat. Place your hands on your armpits and your fingers pointing toward your toes. As you raise your body, maintain a straight back and keep your hips on the floor. Do this for five seconds.

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier


Getting a little bit of makeup on your breasts is a great way to boost them up without breaking the bank. A dark bronzer or a pearly body cream can add a bit of dimension to your breasts.

For a more natural lift, a shimmering highlighter can add a little bit of glamour to your breasts, but not too much. To get the most out of it, apply a little bit of pearlescent cream to your index and pointer fingers.

A dark-colored shadow can create a more dramatic effect on your breasts. To achieve this effect, use a dark-colored liquid foundation or a sculpting stick to outline and define your breasts. Then, using a matte highlighting stick, draw lines around your collarbones. For a smooth and creamy finish, apply a few circular motions.

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier

Bra Hacks

While bra straps can keep your breasts from bouncing, they can also give them a boost by creating a racerback effect. This easy project requires only a pair of bra straps and a short strip or paperclip. Place the strip or clip at the middle or top portion of your back to create a lift.

One of the easiest ways to make your breasts look perkier and bigger is by bra stacking. This is done by wearing two different types of bra. The first is a regular size, and the second one is a bigger cup. You will need to get used to wearing these two sizes as they will initially feel uncomfortable.

You can add a bit of cleavage enhancement to your bra by stuffing it with a pair of paddings. Place the paddings under your breasts. You can choose from various types of paddings, and their size will determine how much lift you get.

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier

Choose Your Outfit Wisely

If you're looking for ways to enhance your breasts without a lot of effort, try wearing a variety of tops and dresses that have a V-neck or sweetheart neckline. These will help you show off your cleavage and provide the illusion of lift. This hack can also be combined with other tricks to get the desired effect.

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier

Chest Strengthening Exercises

Lie flat on your back with your knees slightly bent. If you are on the floor, make sure that your back does not move off the ground while performing this exercise. With a dumbbell in each hand, lay your arms out over your body. Press your arms up over your head and keep them in line with your shoulders.

You will need to find a flat surface on which to stand. To start the exercise, set yourself up with your feet about 12 inches from the wall. With your hands facing the wall, bend your elbows so that they are in line with your shoulders. Press against the wall for about 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise two times.

To start the exercise, lay down and place your hands near your shoulders. Then, raise your body up with your arms and keep your head in line with the spine. Perform 10 pushups at first, then increase the number of them progressively.

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier

Bra Tape

When you want to remove your bra, you can use sports tape, duct tape, or gaffer tape. Although the former is strong enough to hold your breasts, it can irritate the skin if you're having a reaction.

One of the most common ways to cover your breasts is by cutting a strip of tape that's long enough to fit from the bottom of one's breast to one's shoulder. Position the strip on the outside of one's breast and then add more strips as you go.

For dresses or shirts that are backless or strapless, you can cut a strip of tape that's long enough to cover both breasts. Position the strip on the outside of one's breast and then add more strips as you go.

How to Get Your Boobs Perkier

Proper Bra

Having the proper bra will help lift and maintain a more attractive figure. You should have one fitted by a professional about once a year to ensure that you are getting the correct fit. Free bra fitting is available at most department stores and lingerie shops. Before you buy, make sure that you speak with a breast specialist about your shape.

When it comes to shopping for a bra , consider the front-close option as it can boost your cleavage . A molded cup will help bring them closer together, and a balconette bra will lift and create more volume . If you have larger busts, a full-coverage cup will provide the support you need.

Coobie Scoopneck Cami Bra 9012

Coobie Scoopneck Cami Bra 9012

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