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All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

For individuals who want to enhance their buttock appearance, buttock augmentation can be performed using FDA-approved butt implants. These are made from a type of silicone that can mimic the natural appearance of a muscle.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

What is Butt Implants?

As the popularity of buttock augmentation continues to rise, it is becoming more common for both men and women in LA and other areas to have this procedure. With the use of implants, patients can achieve a more defined and attractive rear-end. They can also enhance the definition of their glutes.

Reasons for Getting Butt Implants

Due to the increasing popularity of round and firm butt implants, they have become a sought-after enhancement procedure. While exercise and weight loss can tone and improve the appearance of this area, butt implants can be performed faster than other procedures.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

For individuals who are not satisfied with their existing appearance and would like to improve their shape, butt augmentation can be performed. A plastic surgeon will assess the patient's overall body and determine the best way to achieve a desired result. Aside from the size and shape of the implant, other factors such as the patient's activity level and skin quality can also be taken into account to determine the procedure's success.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

Most people who have butt implants are usually motivated by various reasons. Some of these include wanting to improve their appearance due to aging, having lost weight, or feeling that their rear end just isn't big enough for their frame. Others are concerned with their clothes fitting better.

Candidates for Buttock Augmentation

For all surgical procedures, candidates must be in good physical health and smoke-free for at least two weeks prior to the operation. Patients must be in a good frame of mind prior to the procedure, and they should have realistic expectations.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

This procedure is commonly used for people who are dissatisfied with their buttock shape or size. Individuals who have lost a lot of weight are also ideal candidates. With the help of implants, they can improve their appearance and lift their buttock for a better and more appealing look.

A Brazilian Butt Lift may be an appropriate choice for you if you are not satisfied with your existing buttock shape. During a complimentary consultation, your surgeon will discuss the various surgical techniques that are ideal for your body type.

Butt implants procedures

One of the main goals of buttock augmentation is to improve the appearance of the natural buttock shape. There are various procedures that can be performed to achieve this goal, such as fat graft and buttock implants.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

Fat transfer

In 2015, the most common type of cosmetic surgery for enhancing one's butt was fat transfer. This procedure involves the use of fat from another part of the body to create a more natural looking effect.

Sculptra butt lift

Injectable filler known as Sculptra is used to enhance the appearance of your butt. It is performed in a doctor's office and comes with almost no downtime. The procedure involves the use of a small amount of collagen that is then used by the body to create additional volume. It can be expensive to have multiple sessions, as it requires a lot of medication.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

Hydrogel and silicone buttock injections

There's a cheaper alternative to traditional buttock augmentation that involves the use of hydrogel shots. This method doesn't require a surgical procedure and can provide temporary results. However, it's not recommended for anyone who wants to enhance their butt without using implants. While there's a debate about using silicone injections in place of implants, this type of procedure is not recommended.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

Silicone implants

Solid silicone implants are placed into the butt using an incision between the cheek bones. This type of procedure is usually combined with fat graft for a more natural looking result. It can take around four weeks for the recovery.

In addition to fat transfer and injections, buttock augmentation can also be performed with the help of implants. They're considered to be safe and effective, and people with little fat can opt for them over Brazilian butt lifts.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants


Enlargement procedures may also include the use of liposuction, which is a type of surgical procedure that removes fat from certain areas of the body. People who are affected by aging or weight loss may be eligible for this procedure.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

What Are the Risks of Butt Implants?

Although butt augmentation is generally well-tolerated, there are certain complications that can occur after the procedure. One of these is infection.

One of the most common risks associated with butt implants is failure to keep them off for a certain amount of time. This can prevent the implant from working properly and require it to be removed.

Infection is a concern because buttock implants are placed near the anus. Fortunately, this type of infection rarely occurs.

The size of the buttock implant can also increase the risk of various complications. In our clinic, the most commonly placed buttock implant is 379cc.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

How do I prepare for butt implant surgery?

You'll be given instructions on how you can prepare for the procedure. Some of the preparations include avoiding tobacco products for at least six weeks prior to the operation. You should also avoid taking aspirins or other drugs that can increase bleeding.

Recovery After Buttock Augmentation

After your buttock augmentation surgery, you will need to wear compression clothes for around two to three weeks. You can also sit on an inflated donut for a couple of hours. Although this will not negatively affect your results, you should maintain a proper posture while sitting down.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

Your buttock implants will be placed high following your procedure, similar to what happens with breast implants. You may also notice that they have a "boxy" effect, though this is not a major issue and you should be able to see your results within about three months. After your recovery, you should take pain medication to alleviate any discomfort.


Due to their safety and efficacy, butt implants are becoming more popular. Before you decide to undergo this type of surgery, it's important to consider the various factors that affect your health and well-being. Before you start looking for a surgeon, make sure that you thoroughly understand the procedure's various components. You should also avoid being afraid to shop around for a good one. While butt implants are safe, the use of illegal substances such as silicone can lead to serious complications.

All You Need to Know About Butt Implants

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