How do I care for my seamless bras & panties?

Although there is no wires and our fabric is extremely stretchy, we would still recommend hand washing all of your seamless bras and panties and laying them flat to dry. As durable as our underwear, this will still help them prolong the lifespan ever more. It's also recommended to remove the replacement pads before washing.

If you do decide to machine wash, please use gentle/light mode with cold water. You can hook the bra together to avoid snagging it on other clothing or use a mesh lingerie laundry bag.

When it comes to drying your bras, it's not recommended to hang them to dry. Hanging them to dry by the straps puts the whole weight from the water on the straps. This can tear the straps or cause the bras to be out of shape.

As for storage, it is best not to fold your bras in half as one of the cups need to be upside down for them to stack on each other. This can hurt the replacement pads. The best practice is stacking the bras upright and unhooked with the cups nestled with each other.

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