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How to Give Your Old Bras a Second Life

How to Give Your Old Bras a Second Life
How to Give Your Old Bras a Second Life

It's inevitable that you need to change quite a few bra in your lifetime, from training bras you wear at 8 or 9 to mature lingerie in your 70s even 80s. When you say goodbye to your old bras and throw them into trash bin, will you feel sorrow or regretted about this? The destination of these bras in the trash bin is land-filling and degraded by the earth, which may cost dozens even hundreds of years. From then on, before throwing them to landfill, there are more ways you can consider to give your bras a second life and live in a sustainable life.

1. Donate Them to The Shelters

There are many women shelters in your city. Next time you go out for shopping, you can take your old bras and drive them to the shelters. They will make a great deal of women in need very warm-hearted and happy. You will be inspired by your great deed. Before you donate bras, you can keep in touch with the local shelters in advance, then cleanse your bras and take them to women in less fortunate communities.

How to Give Your Old Bras a Second Life

2. Make a Small Bra Purse for Yourself

As its name suggests, a bra purse is a purse made of your old bra. The bigger the bra, the bigger your purse, that is to say, the bigger your breasts are, the bigger your purse is. Before making this purse. If you want, you can do this purse with your daughter, and she will love this little purse very much!

There are something you need to prepare: an old bra, some lace or buttons for decoration, needles and threads, hot glue or craft glue, scissors and so on.

● First, remove the straps from the cups.

● Second, glue the cups and underband together.

● Third, glue the straps back to form the handles, whether the handles can be short or long depends on your like and the style you prefer.

● Fourth, you can embellish your unique purse by gluing on lace, buttons, and so on. Maybe you can let your children to do this.

How to Give Your Old Bras a Second Life

3. Make a Pot Holders

Believe it or not, your old bra can be made into a pair of pot holder. You can get away from being hurt by the boiling pot, and your children can help you serve the table with it.

You need to prepare: an old padded bra, some clothes you like for making straps and covering the bra, a scissor and so on.

● First, remove the bra straps and underband with scissors, and then move the wires if the bra is a underwire bra.

● Second, cut your bra into the shape you want, mostly circular.

● Third, put two pads on the cloth, draw the outline (roughly 1.5cm larger than the pad) and cut the cloth off.

● Fourth, cover both sides of the pad with two cloth and sew them together. Cut down the remaining cloth for tidy edge.

● Fifth, sew the long cloth together with two pads. You can also use bra straps if it is long enough.

● Finally, congratulation, you get a pot holder with thick pads.

4. Stick it to your strapless clothes

Sometimes, you may meet the dilemma: when you are wearing strapless dress, your bra keep falling down constantly and you have to pull it up again and again. But you don't want to wear bras with straps because your straps will show off. Maybe your old bra can help you by sticking it into your strapless clothes.

● First, cut down, or remove the strap of the strapless bra. Then cut down the band on the back.

● Second, glue your bra with your strapless clothes. For 100% safety, you can enlarge the area you glue to let bra stick on the clothes firmly.

● Third, wear your strapless clothes and put your breasts into the cup. Hurray!

How to Give Your Old Bras a Second Life

Maybe you can choose buying a bandeau bra, but sometimes you worry about the waste of your old bras and money, you can choose the bras that can be easily reused and turned into a strapless one, such as Coobie bra , because our bras have removable and adjustable straps. You can easily transform your bra into strapless one.

5. Take Out the Inner Pads

Even if the bra is frayed and can not be made into purse or cooperate with your strapless clothes again, do you know their pads still works?

Take out the pads and put them into your shoes, they became shoe inserts. The only thing you need to do is to take out the paddings of the old bra and put them into a pair of shoes that are a little too big or too small that makes your feet uncomfortable. If all of your shoes are comfortable to wear, you can stick the pad on the place of the pants or dress where your butt hold. In this way you can get an artificial sexy butt without pain of butt lift surgery.

6. Make a Bra Strap Bracelet or Necklace

Maybe the first step we mentioned in the things above is “remove the bra straps”. I believe you have a lot of bra straps. Don't worry, they don't need to be landfilled. They can accompany you with other parts of the bra. Let's do some decoration bracelet and necklace with these bra straps.

● First, get your needle and thread, loop the end of the strap through the piece on top.

● Second, sew the end of the strap down with a few stitches.

● Third, sew a button or other decorations there or glue some cool design.

● Fourth, enjoy your cool jewel piece.


What if you old bras really go to the end of their life? For example, they are frayed or broken and cannot be reused, their final destination should be recycle bin. Therefore, it's better for the bras to be made from sustainable material and made with the most environmental friendly technique. Coobie bras meet both these two needs. We reduce carbon footprint by manufacturing bras by ourselves, which can also reduce the green gas and pollution from various aspects. We encourage all our customers to donate their own old bras to women shelter to help women in need or reuse and recycle them efficiently.

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