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Thing to Notice Before and After Washing Your Bra

Thing to Notice Before and After Washing Your Bra
how to hand wash lingerie? Thing to Notice Before and After Washing Your Bra

A great bra is an essential part of any outfit, and it can provide you with the necessary support and comfort during the day. Having the proper care of your bra can help it function properly for as long as possible. Here is the guide for you to better care for your bras.

Before Washing Your Bras

Here are the things that you need to prepare.

● Lingerie Detergent

We advice you use a mild detergent whether you hand-wash or machine-wash your lingerie. Because they are milder and softer. They can lengthen the life of the lingerie.

● Lingerie Wash Bags

When you choose machine-wash, lingerie bags are must because your bra straps and pads will twist and swirl with your other clothes and fray during wash.If you put the lingerie into the lingerie bag, you will enjoy a more solid and tender lingerie.

● Drying Rack, Clips or Clothesline

Not every family buy dryer but it is essential for you especially for the girls who are more vulnerable in front of the germ. Therefore it is of great necessities for you to dry before the next turning.

How to Handwash Your Bras

● Hand Wash

It is best to wash delicate clothing and bras by hand, using mild detergent. The first step is to add a tablespoon of detergent to a gallon of cool water. Rinse your bras under cold water after soaking them for about 15 minutes. Let your bras air-dry after gently scrunching them to remove excess water.

● Machine Wash

Your bras will wear out faster when washed in a washing machine than when they are hand-washed. Taking a few precautions can help you reduce wear and tear on your bras if you still prefer to machine-wash them. Wash them on a delicate cycle in a lingerie bag. Make sure you use the right amount of detergent. Your bras might feel less comfortable if you use too much detergent.

● Hang Them Out to Dry

Lingerie should always be air-dried, no matter how you wash it. Bands, straps, and cups can twist, tangle, stretch, or distort due to the rough-and-tumble motion of a dryer. It can even cause an underwire to pop out of place.

Store Your Bras Delicately

Place bras upright and nestled inside each other. You will be able to keep them looking and feeling like new for a longer period of time if you do this. It prevents them from becoming wrinkled or misshapen.

how to hand wash lingerie? Thing to Notice Before and After Washing Your Bra

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