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Before You Buy: How to Pick the Right Bra?

Before You Buy: How to Pick the Right Bra?
Before You Buy: How to Pick the Right Bra?

Did you know that over 80% of the women are wearing the wrong bras for the whole life? Wearing the wrong bra not only cause pain but also health problem. It can distract or even ruin a potentially great day. Luckily, you read this article. After reading this guide, we believe you are able to get rid of your old, ill fitting bra.

What If You Keep Wearing an Unfitting Bra?

● Unfitting bras are like having a partner or intimate partner who doesn't feel like they're there anymore. It can cause pain or frustration, and it can potentially affect your health.

● The first sign that you're wearing an unsuitable bra is the bulges all around your body. When you wear a bra that's too small, some of your breasts will be shoved out and placed at the sides. You'll also find these bulges very annoying if you're wearing spaghetti strap clothing.

● In addition, women with bigger cup sizes are more prone to experiencing breast pain when they wear the wrong bra. If you're wearing a bra that's too small, it will stick to your skin, and it can also irritate your breasts. On the other hand, if it's too big, your breasts will have too much room, which can cause them to bounce around and worsen the pain.

● Having poor posture and weak back muscles are some of the reasons why women with bigger breasts are more prone to experiencing shoulder and back pain. When wearing a poorly-fitting bra, these conditions can lead to even more saggy breasts.

Choosing a style that will keep you in comfort and become a bless once you know what you are looking for! With these several steps, you can find a perfect bra for yourself.

1. Measure Before You Buy or Search Online.

No matter when you are shopping in a plaza or searching in Amazon, sometimes you will buy clothes without any seconds of hesitation. You can buy suitable clothes in most occasion, but you don't when you buy bras. It's of great, great importance for you to know your actual size before you take out the credit card or push the checkout bottom. Here are some steps for you to measure your breast sizes at home easily:

You need to prepare a bra that you wear most and you feel the most comfortable, a measuring tape and a mirror.

● Stand in front of a mirror with your bra on.

● Use measuring tape to circle around the band of your bra and get your band size.

● Circle around the fullest past of your bust and get your bust size.

● Subtract your band size with your bust size, and get a letter: 1 inch is A cup, 2 inches is B cup ...

● Combine your band size and the letter and get your cup size.

Example: 37 inches (bust) - 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. You can know your bra size is 34B.

Before You Buy: How to Pick the Right Bra?

2. Try It With the Clothes You Wear Most.

When you are wearing the new bras you bought on the internet or trying bras in a bra shop, it's better for you to wear the clothes you wear most. Because in this way you can see how the bra looks like under the clothes you are wearing everyday and give you everyday comfort.

3. Watch For Key Concerns Like Straps, Material, Elasticity, etc.

If you are very cautious about some bra problems, like boobs spilling out of bras, chafing and so on, you need to keep these concern in mind, or in your mobile phone, because possible you will forget what you are cautious about when you searching for internet or listening to saleswomen in bra shops.

4. Buy Enough for Rotate During Every Wash.

The average bra can last between 6 months and a year without stretching out depending on how often it is washed and worn. In the months to come, you need to prepare for yourself plenty of options. Once you know your breast size, you can invest in two or three styles at once.

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