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How to Flatten Tummy Fast (not tummy tuck)

How to Flatten Tummy Fast (not tummy tuck)
How to Flatten Tummy Fast-not tummy tuck

Most of us want a flat and tight tummy, but when it comes to how to get a tight tummy, many people think about surgery such as a mini tummy tuck. However, it costs a lot, and not everyone can afford it. In addition, you need some time to recover from surgery, which will influence your everyday work and life. Therefore, there are many methods that we can use to flatten your tummy and save time and money. More importantly, you can get rid of pain from surgery.

1. Take in fewer calories but not too less.

Typically, if you want to flatten your tummy, the first step you need to do is weight loss.

Therefore you need to reduce the calorie you take every day. According to many health websites and research, the ideal amount of calories you can cut firstly is 500-750 calories, which can help you lose approximately 1-2 pounds per week.

Remember, you can not cut too many calories because taking in too less calories can be harmful to your health. Having too less calories can cause several side effects, including fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and irritability.

2. The more fiber you take in, the faster your belly flattens.

Fiber, especially soluble fibers, can help you absorb large amounts of water and slow down the passage of food through the digestive tract, causing the stomach to expand and make you feel full between meals.

Previous research has also shown that taking in more soluble fiber could be associated with less visceral fat, which is a type of fat that wraps around your abdominal area and is linked to several chronic health conditions.

To take in more soluble fiber, you can eat more fruits, oats barley, legumes, and certain vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots. They are all foods that can increase feelings of fullness and decrease the absorption of calories.

3. Increase the number of probiotics in your diets.

Probiotics are one of the most beneficial and healthiest bacteria that are important for your weight management and flattening your tummy. Many health experts and their research demonstrated that the gut microbiome may impact weight gain, but alterations in its composition could be connected to higher possibilities of obesity.

If you intake probiotics at a higher frequency, your body inside will strike a balance toward beneficial gut flora, reducing the risk of weight gain to help you reach and maintain a moderate weight. Some probiotics are proved to be effective at helping flatten the belly and lessen the effect of obesity. The food that contains the most amount of probiotics is yogurt, and other foods that contain probiotics contain kimchi, pickles, and so on. Please keep in mind that if you decided to add more probiotics, you need to talk with your doctor.

4. Sleep well and sleep enough.

Getting enough sleep time each night is a key to flattening your tummy and managing your weight. Research and study have shown that having a sufficient amount of sleep health was closely connected with a greater effect of weight loss and fat loss during a 12-month weight-loss intervention. Other studies or questionnaires have shown that getting 1 hour more of sleep for 5 nights per week led to more fat loss. If you have better sleep quality, your body will burn more calories but keep you more energetic.

According to one review, sleeping less may be interconnected with a high degree of obesity. When you sleep less, you are more likely to get tired faster and the change of certain hormones will force you to take in more calories.

How to Flatten Tummy Fast-not tummy tuck

5. Taking in more fatty seafood.

It's highly recommended that eat fatty fish frequently, once or twice a week at least. Oily fish is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and potentially lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. Both white and oily fish is a good sources of lean protein. There are many kinds of fish that can be taken into consideration such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, trout, and so on.

6. Do more exercise every day.

Everybody knows that exercise is a beneficial way to get rid of obesity, but we always think that we can not spare time to go to the gym, and we can not exercise. If you think like this, you are totally wrong. You can easily add extra activity into your day by increasing the amount of non-exercise activity you do. For example, you can choose to walk or ride a bike to work instead of a car or subway.

According to research, these extra sports can help you consume up to two thousand additional calories per day, depending on factors like your size and activity level. There are also many activities that you can do at home such as doing yoga while you are watching TV, standing when you are using your laptop, and so on.

7. Limit sugary drinks and drink more water.

Although sugary drinks are tasty and make you joy, they include many sugar and extra high in calories. Because many amounts of sugar are added to these sugary drinks at a time, you will feel more and more thirty after you drink them, which makes you drink them more. This will increase your daily calorie intake and make your belly bigger and bigger.

Therefore to flatten your tummy, you need to drink these beverages less such as coke, soda juice, and so on. In addition, you can take in less sugary food like cakes, cookies and so on. Instead, you can drink water, unsweetened coffee, or tea.

There are several reasons that you can drink more water to flatten your tummy. First, it may promote weight loss by very temporarily increasing your metabolic rate, and the calories you burn at rest. Second, if you drink more water before meals, you will feel fuller and eat fewer foods in a meal. Third, increasing your water intake can also help relieve constipation and contribute to bloating.

8. Look at shapewear or shaper shorts

If you want to flatten your tummy fast and temporary and without a mini tummy tuck, you can look at shapewear or shaper shorts.

Coobie shapewear, shaper shorts, and leggings are made with shaping panels to flatten your tummy. This open bust design gives you the freedom to wear your own bra for a better lift and support. Its shaping panels can give you enough support across the bustline without any bulge. It will show you your best body shape in any clothing like tops, shirts or dresses.

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