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Beneficial Protein Episode One - Over Hard Eggs

Beneficial Protein Episode One - Over Hard Eggs
Beneficial Protein Episode One - Over Hard Eggs

In previous articles, we talked about high-quality protein such as eggs or chicken breasts, which is beneficial for enlarging your breasts and get them perky. When we talk about cooking eggs, the first recipe you will think about is boiling eggs, but it is tiring for everyone to eat boiled eggs every day. In this article, we recommend you another way of cooking eggs - over hard eggs.

Over Hard Eggs, Over Medium Eggs, Over Easy Eggs

When you put an egg into a hot pan, you can see how the egg becomes. In the beginning, the egg white is totally transparent, and then it becomes more and more opaque. The change is different for the yolk. Firstly, they are fluid and then become more and more solid. For over-easy eggs, the egg white is opaque but the yolk is still runny. For over medium eggs, the yolk is somewhat runny, and the outer side of the yolk is solid. Over hard eggs are fried eggs whose yolk is completely cooked through. The yolk is totally solid and the edge of the egg white is crispy.

Things You Need to Prepare in Advance

The first thing for cooking over hard eggs must be eggs! You can use fresh eggs. They can be brought to every supermarket or grocery store. If you use farm-fresh eggs, it would be better because they are fresher and produce a better flavor.

As for cooking fat for cooking the egg white to crispy, the most usual fat is oil. If you want more flavor, you can use butter. If you want to lift up the flavor, you can cook the bacon first, and then use bacon grease to cook eggs.

Beneficial Protein Episode One - Over Hard Eggs

The Procedure of Cooking Over Hard Eggs

Firstly, add butt or oil or bacon grease to a large pan over low medium heat. Once the oil has heated, you can add eggs to the pan. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper if you want.

Then you wait in front of the over for 3 minutes until you see the egg whites become completely opaque and the edge of the egg white becomes a little crispy.

If you see the egg white complete become opaque, congratulations. You have succeeded for fifty percent. Then it is your showtime. You should take out a slice and carefully, carefully flip over the eggs. Be careful and treat the yolk at the moment like a baby and imagine you are tenderly singing a baby to sleep.... then flip it!

After you successfully flip your baby eggs to another side, you wait in front of it for more than another 3 minutes. If the eggs are ready to wake up from the pot and go to the plate, their yolk will puffer up and the egg whites have crispy edges.

Things to Remember for 100% Successfully Cook Over Hard Eggs

First, fresh eggs are the best. If the eggs are fresh enough, the egg whites won't spread when you hit them on the pan and they are easier to move back with the spatula.

Second, it is strongly recommended that you choose a non-stick or cast iron skillet, especially when you are a newbie in cooking. The surface of these two kinds of pan will make it easier when you move the egg back.

Third, as for choosing the best spatula to cook over hard eggs, you can look at a fish spatula for your cast iron pan or a nylon spatula for a non-stick pan. If you are a newbie, I still recommended you a nylon one with a non-stick pan, for the safety of the eggs and yourself (just kidding :P).

If you successfully cook over hard eggs, you can put them on sandwiches, add some peanut and jelly, and eat it! In addition, you can add bacon and fried potatoes for brunch and eat them with roasted vegetables in a grain bowl for dinner.

If you cook too many hard eggs one time, you can keep them in your fridge. However, remember, these eggs can be kept for three days, and if you want to enjoy them, you can toss them in your salad bowl with other vegetables and enjoy the salad. If you want to heat them, you can put them into the microwave oven for 20 seconds, or put them in the pan for minutes.

Beneficial Protein Episode One - Over Hard Eggs

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