If You Have H Cup, That’s What You Need to Know

If You Have H Cup, That’s What You Need to Know
If You Have H Cup, That's What You Need to Know

Every women are different, that is to say, every breast are different from others, and even the two breasts of one woman are likely to different in shape and size. As you all know, the shape and size of our breasts changes frequently in our life. Naturally, breasts will go through the changes in your teenage age, your puberty and your period. In addition, the size will change because of many factors such as surgery, smoking, breastfeeding and so on. In the US, C cup is the most common size. However, some women has much bigger breasts than C cup breasts. They has a pair of h cup, which may be a bless or may be a disaster.

How Big Are H Cup Boobs? What Do H Cup Boobs Looks Like?

here are several c cup sizes, and their measurements range from small to the average size of a brassier. The band size for a H cup is 8 inches smaller than the bust size. That is to say, if a woman's band size is 28 and she is a H cup, her bust size will not less than 36.

H cups breasts can look quite different in different human bodies. If the person is thin then it would look bigger and even more overwhelming. On the other hand, if the person has fuller figure then the H cup may look smaller. In some circumstance, a H cup look balanced in a women who is chubby.

How to Know If You Are H Cup Boobs?

You may know that bra sizes are composed of a letter and a number. The size of your breast is the letter and the measurement of your ribcage will determine the number.

First, use your measuring tape to measure around your torso directly under your bust, where a bra band would sit. Round to the nearest whole number, if the number is even, add four inches. If it's odd, add five. Your band size is the sum of this calculation.

Second, measure around your fullest part of the chest and round up to the nearest whole number.

Third, subtract your calculated band size from your bust measurement, and then refer to the bra cup size chart here, and your bra size will be determined by your band size minus your cup size.

Example: 38 inches (bust) - 30 inches (band) = 8 inches. That's a 30H.

● Notice: Weight gain or loss has a significant impact on not only your ribcage measurement, but also your breast measurement. Thus, confirm that you are wearing the right bra every so often by repeating the process.

If You Have H Cup, That's What You Need to Know

Is H Cup Big or Small?

In most circumstance, H cup is a very large size. It is not like c cup or d cup, which are more commonly seen in American women. As for breasts, it's not the bigger the better. If your breasts are too big and your figure are too small, your posture will be affected and you will suffer from shoulder and back pain because of these overwhelming girls. In addition, if you are a woman who don't like attention, having a H cup is also a disaster because you breasts will draw many people's attention.

What's the Difference Between 32H, 34H, 36H and 38H?

They are all H cup boobs, but there are some difference between these four sizes. A higher number indicates more breast tissue weight. The larger the number, the larger her rib cage and space. If you are a 32H, it means that your band size is 32 and your bust size is 40. If you are a 34H, you bust size will be 42. If you are 36H, you band size will be 44, and if you are a 38H, you band size will be 46. See? The larger the number is, the bigger the bust size.

Which Cup Size Is The Best? Can I Get H Cup Boobs with Implants?

There is no totally ideal breast size. Different girls has their own opinion and criteria about which size is the best breast size. However, from the perspective of science and physical health, the best cup size is determined by the size of the body. If you have a fuller body, you can hold bigger breasts without suffering from back and shoulder pain. If you are a small figure women, having a small breasts is also good for your beauty and health.

Even if all of us love big breasts, we don't recommended you to get H cup with breast augmentation or breast implants, because it will affect your normal life, your physical and mental health. If your born-to-be h cup breasts affect your health and your daily life, we recommend you to consult with your surgeon and carry on a breast reduction surgery.

If You Have H Cup, That's What You Need to Know

What are Some Fashion Tips for H Cup?

First, keep in mind that choosing a suitable bra is very important. No matter what cup size and breast shape you are, it is of great importance for you to wear a bra that suit you most and make you feel comfortable for all day. A comfortable bra not only sculpture your bust line and lift up your breasts which are more likely to sagging because of gravity, but also reduce the pressure of your shoulders and your back and make you relieved. When you wear a bra, don't forget to adjust the bra straps to the length you feel the most comfortable.

Second, try some tops with low neckline to show your cleavage . A low neckline top has a great effect on minimizing your breasts and make them look more seductive and attractive. For more delicate matching style, you can wear a neckline whose length is just to your cleavage.

Third, because your breasts are inevitably a focus on your body, why not trying to create another focus to distract people's attention to the breasts? You can make more decoration on your clothes, your haircut or your shoes, even your bag. You can keep the gaze away from your boobs.


Not matter what cup size you are, you are loved by many people and the world. Remember to love yourself and show your unique feminine charm. Have a look at Coobie Seamless Bra and get one to comfort both your breasts and yourself.

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