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How Big is an E Cup?

E Cup - What's the Difference among C, D and E?
E Cup - What's the Difference among C, D and E?

The E cup is viewed differently by different people. Some people think having an E cup is good luck, but some women who really have an E cup don't think so. Unlike C cup boobs or D cup, E cup boobs are considered large even in America, where its average cup is D cup. Girls with e cup boobs struggle much as we recognize: no beautiful bras for E or larger cups, bulges, breasts showing off, and so on.

However, some of the big breast girls are not sure that they are an E-cup. In addition, they don't know the difference between D, DD, and E cups. After they finally buy a bra that fits their big girls, they wonder what clothing styles they can try with such a pair of big breasts. If you are one of the E cup girls, you will gain some insight into yourself and your bulky girls after reading this guide.

What are E cup Breasts?

If you are e cup breasts, this means that your overbust measurement is 5 inches larger than the ribcage measurement. However, there are lots of differences between E cups such as 32E and 36E.

For example, if your band size is 30 and your bust size is 35, your breast size is 30E. However, if your band size is 35 and your bust size is 40, you have a breast size of 35E. There is a great deal of difference between 30E and 35E because 35E looks bigger than 30E.

Is the D Cup Definitely Smaller than the E Cup?

The answer is no. In the US, the E cup and DD cup are the same cup size. In addition, DDD is as same as F cup. However, in UK and AUS, the E cup and DD cup are not 100% identical. In these two countries, E is larger than the DD cup, likewise, the F cup is larger than the DDD cup because the bra manufacturers there follow the D-DD-E sizing system.

What are the Sister Bra Sizes of E Cup?

If you follow the US sizing system, the sister sizes of the E cup are the F cup and DDD cup. To know about your exact sister size, you should first know your breast size. Then you can go down one band size and go up one band size to know your sister sizes.

For example, if you are 32E, your sister sizes will be 34D and 30F or 30DDD.

E Cup - What's the Difference among C, D and E?

What is an E Cup in Centimeters?

As we know above, an E cup breast means your overbust measurement is 5 inches larger than the ribcage measurement. In centimeters, an E cup should be 25 cm larger than your band size. Therefore, if your band is 60cm, your e cup bust size will be around 85cm.

Styles of E Cup Bra You Can Choose

Most E cup girls and women usually find that searching for a perfectly fitting and supportive bra is challenging. Whatever the cup size you are, the criteria you will think about when you are buying bras are support, comfort, and good-looking. We introduce some kinds of bras that give you great support, comfort, and beauty.

The T-shirt bra is totally smooth to hide and helps itself look great under T-shirts. Moreover, women with large cup sizes find that a T-shirt bra is supportive and said it stayed in place for a long time. It's also available in a wide size range.

    • Balcony Bra

A balcony bra not only stands for being available in cup sizes ranging from B to HH, but also for performing well across the board, especially for those with larger sizes. Women enjoy wearing a balcony bra for its comfortable fit, support, appearance, and how well it stays in place. More importantly, it looks charming instead of looking like a 'granny bra'.

    • Contour Bra

A contour bra offers a great balance of support and minimal coverage to wear with a top or dress with low-cut necklines. Also, it features thinner straps, making them easier to conceal under clothing than other full-coverage styles. It's wireless for comfort but has molded cups to shape, and more coverage around the sides to prevent showing off.

    • Front Close Bra

This one's ideal for anyone with limited movement that prefers to close their bra in the front. Typically, wide straps with padding and cushioned underwires are also one of the extraordinary features of a front closure bra. Plus, it is suitable for band sizes from E to K. They are supportive, shape-enhancing, and feel great to wear.

Wearing a fitting bra improves your comfort and confidence. However, to find a fitting bra, you should know your size and understand the best type of bra for your breast shape. When you know your breast size and shape, finding the best bra will not be challenging.

Celebrities with E Cup Breasts

When you have big breasts, it might be hard to style yourself in a flattering way, but you can find clothes that will give you the support you need. Feel free to wear revealing cuts if you feel self-conscious, but don't let that stop you from feeling and looking good. However, you can learn from celebrities' wearing styles in order to make your e cup more flattering.

E Cup - What's the Difference among C, D and E? kim-kardashian, Source:


E Cup - What's the Difference among C, D and E? Cardi B, Source:

Cardi B

E Cup - What's the Difference among C, D and E? Amber Rose, Source:

Amber Rose

Final Words

Depending on your body shape and band size, the size of your e cup breasts will always differ. Your bra's cups will also have a different capacity for holding volume. Before you can find a bra that fits, you need to know what your band and bust size are. Hopefully this guide will be helpful to you as you gain more confidence and elegance with e cup breasts.

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