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More You Need to Know about What is a Plunge Bra

More You Need to Know about What is a Plunge Bra
More You Need to Know about, What is a Plunge Bra

Balcony, t-shirt, underwired, crop tops, bralettes, demi-cup, backless… The list goes on.

The number of bra options available to women nowadays is incredible. We can choose between cuts, colours, styles, cup shapes and more. But it can get a bit overwhelming with so much terminology being thrown around, and it's hard to know what's what and what you need.

We've put together this guide to help you understand what a plunge bra is, why you should have one and what it is.

What is a Plunge Bra?

A plunge bra is a type of bra that has a deep V-shaped neckline. This neckline brings the breasts together in the middle while not covering too much of the breast. The cup depth is much shallower than a rounded t-shirt bra cup shape meaning there is less coverage.

Plunge bras have different straps, extending from the standard elastic to a point on the shoulders, to the sides of the cup. Plunge bras may have padding inside the cups, but not on the bottom and outside. The padding pushes the breasts inwards, not up.

A plunge bra generally has underwires and supports breasts. Whether you are on the larger side or are slightly smaller, a plunge bra provides plenty of support and comfort. No wonder it's so popular!

Difference Between Plunge vs Bralette

Many bralettes are cut in a similar style to plunge bras, but the main difference between bralettes and plunge bras is the underwire. Plunge bras have two individual wires underneath or have elastic to mimic the support of an underwire. They also usually have a clasp at the back or front. Bralettes generally do not have as much support, may not have a clasp and can also come in different styles.

What is a Plunge Bra Good for?

Low cut tops or dresses are often worn by anyone looking for a bra solution to wear with a plunge bra. The deep v shape makes it appropriate to show more cleavage in an outfit. The scoping effect pushing the breasts in and up means even women with a larger chest feel supported. The pushing effects also helps women with a small chest enhance their cleavage without a considerable amount of padding.

Women who find the underwire of regular bra shapes digs into their skin also benefit from plunge bras. With plunge bras, the wire sits lower in the middle, giving more space, and it's less likely to rub.

In addition, the angle of the fabric reduces the chance of gaping. Some t-shirt bras and balcony can gape at the top of the cup when you move your arms. A plunge bra is ideal for tight-fitting tops and dresses because it prevents the fabric from lying flat, due to the shape and cut of the bra.

More You Need to Know about, What is a Plunge Bra, Why You Need a Plunge Bra

Why You Need a Plunge Bra

It is important for every woman to have at least one well-fitting plunge bra in their collection. If you plan on wearing any low-cut outfits and want to show off your assets without compromising on the level of support, a plunge bra is a great option. Breast size does not seem to make a difference when choosing a bra, as the cups take up the slack. Plunges are flattering on every size of breast.

Plunges are also incredibly comfortable.A plunge bra is the most comfortable bra to wear because of its low underwire and wide shoulder straps. Once you have one plunge in your collection, you may just find that you want more.

You should also invest in a plunge bra if you want to get a natural lift to show off your assets without relying on push up material which can be very uncomfortable. With minimal additional padding, plunge bras naturally accentuate boobs. Some styles do have extra padding to provide additional push up, but generally, it's not needed as even the most petite breast look good in the style.

If all that wasn't enough, plunge bras are downright sexy. Many features stunning lacey or cut-our designs. Since the plunge doesn't have a full, padded cup, the designs can be a little more risqué and sexier without sacrificing comfort and support. A matching plunge bra and set can give you a feeling of confidence, support, comfort and style every day, so you don't have to worry about how you look at all.

Our Favourite Plunge Bras

If we've persuaded you to invest in a new plunge bra for your lingerie collection, here are some of our favourite styles for you to enjoy.

Calvin Klein plunge bra

A classic plunge style in stunning lace with soft demi cups, adjustable straps and a comfortable underwire.

Coobie Lace Lover Bra 9140

Designed with no wire, hooks, tags, this bra was made to feel like a second skin. Its lace trim on the top adds a stylish twist that makes it both flattering and functional.

M&S non-wired plunge t-shirt bra

Adjustable straps, no underwire, with a full cup and gentle padding for extra support. This design is perfect for women with slightly larger breasts.

Freya Loveland plunge bodysuit

A stunning shapewear solution for a smooth finish, tummy control, gorgeous design and classic plunge shape. It comes in a range of sizes to suit every body and size.

More You Need to Know about, What is a Plunge Bra, What is a Plunge Bra Good for?

Final Thoughts on Plunge Bras

If you are looking to invest in a new bra and want something that will offer support, comfort and style, a plunge bra could be a very wise next investment. The market has lots to offer, from breathable cotton designs, perfect to wear under t-shirts to sexier lace designs to slip on under a low-cut dress or top.

The classic V-neck shape makes a plunge bra a useful addition to your wardrobe as a solution for anything that shows a bit more skin.

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