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Tips for Choosing Mature Lingerie for Elderly Women

Tips for choosing Mature Lingerie for elderly women
Tips for choosing Mature Lingerie for elderly women

Despite what many lingerie adverts may have you believe, being sexy does not have an age limit. Women worldwide continue to embrace their bodies and own their femineity as they age, grey hairs, wrinkles and all. To be sure, our breasts might be slightly lower than they used to be, and the skin may not be as firm and smooth, but that shouldn't mean you hide away behind old, uncomfortable shapeless lingerie.

If you're looking to invest in some new pieces or want to rediscover what it means to be sexy as a mature woman, here's our guide to buying lingerie as you age. We've included a guide on what to look out for, what to avoid and some of our favourite styles for all budgets.

How to shop for bras as an older lady

As you age, your body begins to change. Call it ageing naturally, hormones or even gravity; your breasts, back, and chests are not the same as they were when you were 20. This means a bra you've been wearing your whole life may no longer feel comfortable or fit well. Here's what you need to know about bra shopping for your body now.

How to tell if your bra size is wrong

You may have had a professional bra fitting when you were younger and then always reached for the same size since then. However, you should see a professional and get yourself measured and checked once a year. Your body is continually changing, and most women happily change their clothes sizes to reflect this, so why do we overlook our bras? Research shows that most post-menopausal women need to increase their bra size.

Use this checklist to determine if your current bra size isn't the right one for you. If you can check off two or more things on this list, it's time for fitting:

  • Underwire cuts into chest
  • Shoulder straps leave marks but loosening them means the bra doesn't stay up
  • The Centre of the bra does not come into contact with your skin
  • Gaping at the top of the cup when you reach forward with both arms
  • The backstrap is too tight and leaves marks
  • The backstrap is too loose and doesn't do anything
  • Breast tissue is compressed and spills over the top of the cup
  • 'side-boob' is being crushed by wiring

If this sounds like you, it's time to get a proper fitting. Once you know your official size, it's time to start shopping.

Tips for buying bras as you age

Of course, bras and lingerie are very personal, and your own preferences should be the most critical factor in decision-making. However, here are some things to consider when bra shopping.

Is underwire necessary?

As material technology improves, the need for restrictive underwires is decreasing. If you find, as your breasts get lower to the ground, you find underwire unnecessarily restrictive and hard, opt for softer, wireless styles with an elastic band.

Consider seamless styles

Many older women find bra seams, stitching, and clasps become irritating as they age. Look for seamless bralette styles to provide comfort and support. This style of bra can be both comfortable, adjustable and supportive without being restrictive or causing irritation.

Make coverage top of the list

Many women find that they prefer a fuller coverage cup as they age, and so they shy away from looking at sexier styles with lace and detailing because they assume they won't have the coverage. This simply isn't true. Look at the coverage instead of the material. When you know the level of coverage you want, key it in mind when shopping instead of focusing on what material the bra is made from.

Colour and pattern

Speaking of lacy designs, don't be shy away from a style simply because it's a bright colour or has a lacy halter back strap design. Pick patterns and colours you love and make you feel good. After all, you are the one that has to wear the bra. Wear your bra with all the confidence you've picked up over the years, and don't be afraid of bright patterns.

Tips for choosing Mature Lingerie for elderly women

Lingerie styles for older women

If you are struggling to find a style that makes you feel sexy, fear not! The best thing to do is to try on multiple styles, shapes and cuts until you find what makes you feel good. A style you may feel didn't flatter you years ago could be the perfect thing for you now.

However, if you need some inspiration, here are some styles to consider:

Anaono Sarah crop cami

This flattering style comes in a range of colours. The lace top gives a subtle hint of sexiness, while the lower band is supportive without being restrictive. The breathable fabric is perfect for menopausal hot flashes and feels soft against the skin.

M&S Wild Blooms Set

This stunning set comes in a spectacular hot pink colour. It isn't padded, has no underwire and offers decent coverage without being frumpy. It's got gorgeous lace detail, and the fabric feels high quality and very sexy.

Figleaves Isla Lace Underwired Sweetheart T-Shirt Bra

If you do appreciate a little more support, this underwire bra has a generous bandwidth to avoid placing too much pressure in one spot. The lace detail is very delicate, and the full-cup style is flattering to every body shape. The result is a comfortable, supportive bra that doesn't sacrifice style.

Coobie Comfort Bra 9060

This seamless bra is highly recommended by many elderly women by its ultra flexibility and comfort. The extra wide, no slip straps ensure maximum support with full coverage soft cups for a flattering fit. There are no any wires, tags or hardware so it feels just like a second skin. It's a must for your freedom of movement.

Stay sexy, no matter your age

Modern bra companies are becoming more adept at creating and designing bras that suit every woman's style, no matter what age you are. You no longer have to sacrifice sexy, beautiful designs for comfort when you can have both. So, throw away all the old, boring bras that don't make you feel sexy and embrace feeling good every day.

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