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Is G Cup Big? Let’s Talk about It.

Is G Cup Big? Let’s Talk about It.
Is G Cup Big? Let's Talk about It.

Having bigger breasts is both a bless and a headache for most of the women. When they are shopping around, they are struggling for finding the perfect, more importantly, accurate bra size. However, because of the lack of the industrial standard of bra industry, there is too much misinformation about sizing charts, especially for larger breasts.

In previous articles we learn about something comprehensive about different cups ( C cup/d cup ). In this article, we will go on and get to know something about the g cup boobs. This guide will break all your confusion about this rare but real cup size.

How big are g cup boobs?

The average cup size in the US is D cup. Therefore, the g cup is much bigger cup than average cup size. Some people regard this cup size as the biggest size in the world because is even bigger than E or F cup. However, it is not the biggest one.

For g cup girls it is struggling and difficult to look for bras and tops that perfectly fit their girls. However, it is still possible to find a bra that fits you. Before you start the journey of finding your best intimate, you need to take some more steps to ensure how big are your girls now.

First, stand in front of a mirror. Then, put on the bra you most frequently wear. Take out a measuring tape to circle around your ribcage, just the band of your bra, and keep in mind the number of measuring tape. In this way, you can get your band size.

To measure your bust size, use your measuring tape to circle the highest part of your breasts and get an accurate number. Then you get another one, which you need to make subtract with your band size.

Now subtract your band size from your bust size, and each inch in the difference between the two will give you a corresponding letter, which is made up of your cup size. Finally, your band size and the corresponding letter are made up of your bra size. Here is the chart that helps you find the corresponding letter (US inches):

less than 1 inch: AA cup
1 inch: A cup
2 inches: B cup
3 inches: C cup
4 inches: D cup
5 inches: DD cup
6 inches: DDD cup / F cup
7 inches: DDDD cup / G cup

If you measure your bra in the centimeter measuring tape, you can look at the corresponding numbers chart below:

32D: 88-90cm
34D: 93-96cm
36D: 99-101cm
38D: 103-106cm

For example, if a woman has a 36 band length and measures 43 inches around her breast, her bra size will be 36G. However, weight gain or loss has a significant impact on not only your ribcage measurement but also your breast measurement. Thus, confirm that you are wearing the right bra every so often by repeating the process above.

What's the difference between DDD and G cup? What about DDD and G cup sizes?

In American bra size, A DDD cup is also called an F cup, which sits just one size above a G cup. It means that they differ by just one inch. A seven-inch difference between bust and band is a DDD or F cup. Meanwhile, an eight-inch difference puts you at a G cup range.

If you have a G cup, there can be times that you can still wear a DDD cup. That is to say, a g cup and a DDD cup can be sister sizes.

Is g cup always means “gigantic”? Are g cup size boobs natural?

Indeed, g cup is one of the largest bra sizes you can find in common lingerie stores. Compared with women with A or B cup, g cup boobs means “gigantic”. But when compared with GG or bigger size, a G cup is a smaller one.

There is a common thought that women who have g cup boobs don't have natural breasts or boob size. However, many women have g cup breasts without any operation or breast augmentation surgery. Even though the average cup size in the US is D or DD, having a g cup size is normal and natural. Many popular lingerie brands have underwear in G cup size. In addition, there are many colors and decoration features for those g cup girls to choose. The world of G cup breast is not black or white.

Is G Cup Big? Let's Talk about It.

Is it possible to wear a bra size g and still look sexy and attractive? Are there any bras to ensure comfort, support and seduction?

If you know that you have g cup breasts or even higher cup, but you stick to squeeze your breasts into a DD or DDD ones, it might be because of the thought that bras of bigger cup size is only in ugly style that is similar to what your grandma is wearing everyday. However, nowadays g cup bras are design with fancy colors and features to make them elegant and sexy. You can search online or go to the local shop to find your favorite bras for your big girls. Before you buy your bra, there are several types of bra for your G cup girls that offering you comfort, support and seduction.

Although many people think a full-cup bra is too old-fashioned, nowadays many lingerie designers have create the full cup bra with multiple fancy colors, materials and various forms of embroidery.

a plunge bra is a lingerie with a low-cut neckline and a plunging cut. With this kind of bra, you can show you g cup girls without overdoing it. In addition, it can support with with wider band and breathable material.

A racerback sports bra is also suitable for women with large busts. It features with moisture-wicking material that help you evaporate breast sweat in seconds and keep you fragrant after high-impact activities. Its racerback design will allow you to practice any sports in total comfort and support.

    • Underwire bras:

Underwire bras are highly recommended for women with g cup breast or even bigger cups. They allow for natural support of your girls and prevent back and shoulder pain. Moreover, underwire life the bust and create a pretty neckline, which is attractive to many women regardless of their body type.

How to dress when you have g cup boobs?

Whatever you do with your boobs, it's likely that choosing clothes to suit your body shape and that you wear what you feel most comfortable in. The good news is that there are plenty of options if you look in the right places.

Some women love sexy plus size dress that can show their beautiful cleavage, buy others prefer plus size shirts to cover their girls.

If you are the former one that are willing to showing off your girls, you can wear a plunge bra under your low cut dress, and the bra will cover only half of your breast. The rest will be shown under the dress and your cleavage will steal the show.

If you want to hide your girl and want your chest size to look smaller than it is, you can choose a mini miser bra, which might reduce the impact of your g cup girls. However, even though the minimiser bra is hidden under your shirt, it deserves fancy color and multiple lace and please yourself.

Remember, when you wear the right size for your shape and choose clothes that feel good, even a prominent set of G cup breasts can be subdued by an air of confidence. Being comfortable of your g girls is just as important as slipping into the right bra size, That's the only secret there is. Go and celebrate your big breasts.

Learn to dress with celebrities with g cup boobs

It can be hard to find style inspiration when you have large G cup breasts. Many models and actresses have smaller boobs, so you can't exactly study their fashion techniques.

We've complied a few G cup celebs who inspire with their style. Take a look at their outfits and pages for tips on how to make your clothes flatter your body type and cup size by studying their outfits and pages.

Is G Cup Big? Let's Talk about It. Kelly Brook, Source:

Kelly Brook

Is G Cup Big? Let's Talk about It. Christina Hendricks, Source:

Christina Hendricks

Is G Cup Big? Let's Talk about It. Kate Upton, Source:

Kate Upton

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