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Why do My Bra Straps Fall Down & How to Keep Bra Straps from Slipping

Why do My Bra Straps Fall Down & How to Keep Bra Straps from Slipping
Why do My Bra Straps Fall Down & How to Keep Bra Straps from Slipping

Anyone who's wearing a bra every day will understand that there are millions of struggles, the most painful of which is slipping bra straps. Maybe you can wear racerback bras to get away with this dilemma, but you can't wear an ONLY racerback bra for the rest of your life. Look at this article and get to know why your bra strap won't stay on your shoulders and how to tighten bra straps.

Why do My Bra Straps Slip?

● First, you are wearing the wrong bra size.

The first reason your bra straps fall is that you are wearing an unfitting bra. When you are wearing a bra that is bigger than your actual breast size, your brand will be too loose and rides up on your back, which gives too much movement for the straps to enable themselves to stay in place.

When the bra you are wearing is larger than your actual bra size, you cup will fill out on the top, sides, bottom and so on, which creates a space between your body and your unfitting bra and give your bra and its straps a chance to move to other places.

If you notice a space between the top of your cups and your girls, then choosing a smaller size bra mat is the best solution to your falling straps. Remember, when you adjust your band size, your cup size will be adjusted automatically. For instance, if you decrease your band size, your cup size increases.

● Second, you are wearing a bra whose style doesn't match your body.

Different kinds of bras determine the different conditions of bra straps such as the position and width of the bra straps. However, not every style works for every breast and every body type. If your shoulder is narrow, you would better try on the styles of bras that have the straps set a bit closer together.

Plunge bras and balcony bras will squeeze and remove breast tissue in different ways. Therefore, the bra straps will be removed with the bra tissues. Unfitting plunge bra will create space on the top and make the straps falling down from your shoulders.

As a result, you breasts will go up and your shoulders go down, which is not good looking. You can get rid of this dilemma by changing your plunging bra to multiway or racerback bra. In addition, a racerback bra can give you more comfort and support than other kinds of bras.

Why do My Bra Straps Fall Down & How to Keep Bra Straps from Slipping

● Third, since you bought the bra, you haven't adjusted your bra straps.

When you buy a brand new bra, its straps are set at a standard length and most of them feature adjusters to help you get a better fit. However, since you get your new bra, you haven't adjusted its straps to better fit your breast and your shoulders. After dozens of washings, your bra and its straps are likely to lose their elasticity and finally result in falling off your shoulders.

It is recommended that you adjusted them every month. If you adjust your bra straps, you will find your bra fit again. Also, it is unwise to use a bra extender to add more length to the back of your bra because when you expand the length of the bra back, you move the straps further apart and closer to the edge of your arms.

● Fourth, you have short, or narrow shoulders.

Every girl's body is unique and some of them find that the bra straps are too long for them, therefore they need to be able to fully adjust their straps because the height between their breasts and the top of their shoulders are too close to the accommodation.

As for the narrow shoulder, it is another thing that can make finding a fitting bra difficult. If you have large breast and narrow shoulders, it will be very difficult to buy a bra whose bra straps is wide enough to support and keep in place.

● Fifth, your bra is too old.

Once a bra has been stretched too much and lost its all elasticity, it is time to change a new one. If you don't treat well your bra or dry your bra, its elasticity will be worn faster. To prolong the life of your underwear, it is strongly recommended that you hand wash them and rinse them softly in cold water, allowing them to air dry by either laying them flat on a drying rack or hanging them.

When you hang them, avoid hanging them by the straps, which will prevent them from stretching and losing elasticity. However, if you adjust your bra to the tightest position and its straps keep falling down no matter how often you tighten them, it's time to go to the boutique and get yourself a new one.

How to Keep My Bra Straps from Slipping?

Why do My Bra Straps Fall Down & How to Keep Bra Straps from Slipping

● First, you can use some gadgets to keep bra straps from slipping.

Here are a few quick and easy gadgets to get a grip on those slippery bra straps that always refuse to stay in place on your shoulders. They are very inexpensive and easy to do. You can try them until you find a perfect fit.

  • Silicone Caulk:
  • it can fix your bra straps firmly on your shoulder by adding some friction to straps that are too slick. Try to get some silicone caulk and make some thin dots, stripes, or just random smears on the upper part of your bra strap which touches your shoulder.

  • Spring-gate O-Rings:
  • The hook is super stylish and can be worn on both your sleeves and around the neckline. It's also easy to swap out the rings for a different shirt. The rings help tighten up the neckline and look great with a plain T-shirt.

  • Strap-Tamer Clips:
  • There are also clips that can be attached to your shirt that will keep the straps in place and prevent them from showing up. These clips can also be worn around the neck and shoulder.

  • Racerback Clips:
  • A racerback clip is another great way to add more support to the straps of your bra. It can be worn on either the front or back of the cup. It can be adjusted to give it the fit that you want.

  • Silicone Bra Strap Pads:
  • If you find that the straps are digging into your shoulders too much, these pads can help prevent this from happening. They can also help keep the band on a larger surface.

  • Stick on Bras:
  • A stick-on bra is a great alternative to standard bra designs. It has two cups that are attached, and it can be worn with a variety of outfits. It's also very supportive, but it can be a bit challenging to find the perfect fit.

● Second, you can adjust your bra properly.

The thing that you should do is to secure your bra on the loosest hook. Doing so will prevent it from stretching, and it will also help keep the band from getting too loose.

To get the most out of your bra straps, make sure that they are tight enough to keep them in place. However, if they are too tight, they can pull your bra band out of place. To get the most out of them, lift the plastic side of the bra and move it so that the strap is shorter.

If you need help with bra sizing, check out our size guide for the best tips and tricks we recommend for getting it right on the first try.

● Third, you can choose a bra with a no-slip function

Support bra materials are commonly used to prevent slipping. However, if you have persistent problems with this issue, try avoiding push-up bra designs. These tend to leave a small gap at the top, which can cause straps to loosen.

If you question what kind of bra fits you most, ask out a fitting expert in the help center for your intimate advice.


Your bra straps' slipping could be anyone or all of these reasons. You can listen to what your bra is telling you and find the best solution for tightening your bra straps.

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