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The Right Bra Style Boosts Your Body Confidence

Coobie The Right Bra Style Boosts Your Body Confidence

Bra is vigorous. Why? Because it has the potential to affect the way you see yourself, and hence how others see you. We've all heard that self-assurance is seductive, right? When you're feeling happy, it shows - you'll walk a little taller and grin a little wider. All of this based solely on your underwear selection? Yes, absolutely! Here are four of the most compelling reasons why wearing the correct lingerie may boost your confidence.

Comfortable equals self-assurance

It's hard to feel like you've got the world at your feet when you have underwires that are digging into your body. If that bra feels uncomfortable, or you have a loose fit, then chances are that it's the wrong fit. The ideal bra should feel so good on your skin that you forget you're wearing it. Also, keep track of your measurements on a regular basis, as few of us will stay the same size for the rest of our lives.

Coobie,The Right Bra Style Boosts Your Body Confidence

To ensure precise shaping, find your personal style

It isn't only about finding the ideal match. There are a variety of bra styles available, including full cup, plunge, underwired, non-wired, balconette, and sports bras. The point is that whatever shape your breast is - and whatever shape you want it to be - there's a suitable bra style for you. Do you want to enhance your self-esteem? Bra with a push-up effect. Do you want to slim down your chest? Bra with a low profile. Do you want to accentuate your cleavage? Bra with a balconette. Breastfeeding may severely flatten the upper half of your breast, thus the maternity bra pushes up and produces curves exactly where you want them, making this the best alternative for all Mums out there.

Choose matching pairs that are stunning

We know that finding the right pair of underwear can be challenging, especially if you're limited in what you can wear. But, we're here to help guide you through the process, so get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

Make your appearance more appealing

It's the one thing that makes us feel like we're wearing to kill. It could be a simple black dress or a bold red coat that makes us feel like we're wearing to impress. A great fit bra can give women the same confidence as that sexy dress or power outfit, but without the need to remind people. It will also give them the confidence to perform their best. The right bra can make a huge difference in how we look and feel. It can also change everything from how we handle our work conference to how we feel when we get home.

Extra padding is a quick fix to get more confident but I wish it wasn't true. I wish women would stop asking about the size of their boobs and just feel like they have enough. The right bra for me is one that doesn't have wires and is made from cotton.

My suggestion is to try different brands and colors as it is possible to find the best fit for everyone. It is also not uncommon to find a good bra that is not the most expensive.

Coobie,The Right Bra Style Boosts Your Body Confidence

Our top choice bra styles for you to try

Experimenting is a great way to feel great! We have some suggestions for you to try, so you can feel inspired and different every day.

Comfort Bra: a great choice for women who prefer a more comfortable fit. This bra features a soft and smooth material that's made to give you the confidence to wear it all day.

Scoopneck Cami Bra: the perfect combination of comfort and support. We've even added a tagless, scratch-free band to ensure that barely-there feeling. Added extras include removable and adjustable straps for the perfect fit, as well as easy-to-remove pads for your choice of coverage.

Coobie,The Right Bra Style Boosts Your Body Confidence

At Coobie, we believe that women should be able to feel sexy and confident no matter what day it is. With a variety of styles to choose from, you'll be able to find the one that will boost your confidence. To find out more, just browse our collection today.

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