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What is a Mastectomy Bra & How to Choose The Best One

What is a Mastectomy Bra & How to Choose The Best One

One of the most challenging parts of following a mastectomy is that we realize that our underwear and bras no longer fit. Not only that, but we also have to recreate our entire wardrobe. Not to mention, we have incision sites and scars that will most likely require multiple treatments and procedures.

We understand that choosing the right bra can be a bit challenging, especially for women who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy. This guide will help you select the appropriate one.

What is a mastectomy bra?

A mastectomy bra is one that has pockets that are designed to accommodate a breast prosthesis after surgery. These pockets can be found inside the cups of a bra.

What is a Mastectomy Bra & How to Choose The Best One

Everything revolves around timing

Depending on how far out we are from surgery, the healing process can vary. It can also be categorized into three phases: Post-operative, Recovery and Beyond.

  • Post-operative: After surgery, drain tubes are inserted for several weeks, and we often need to find garments that are secure against the body. These components are very sensitive to the skin and can make putting on clothing painful. Our Padded Camisole that we can pull on over our hips are a great choice in this phase, since we're likely still bandaged up and don't necessarily need a bra.
  • Recovery: The middle stage can last for several months to a couple of years depending on the type of treatment we receive. It can also be affected by our response to radiation and chemotherapy. We suggest keeping things simple with our Comfort Bra you can step into. Having the proper equipment to support our bodies is important, especially since we may not be at home anymore. Having the proper pieces can help us feel more confident and comfortable.
  • Beyond: After the majority of healing is done, we may still have lingering issues that are related to our previous procedures. These issues may include sensitivity to certain parts of our bodies, or we may be using a prosthetic breast. This stage will help us determine our size, since the swelling will be reduced. It's also the time to treat ourselves to the pieces that we had before surgery - from our V-Neck Lace Trim Bra to our Fusion Racerback Yoga Bra.

Determinants of Surgery Type

Different types of mastectomies and procedures require different types of bras. Since they are usually bandaged up, we typically do not need bras right away. However, going back to our Scoopneck Cami Bra is a good idea.

Although compression is often recommended for cosmetic procedures, it is also important to consult our surgeon to determine the appropriate amount for each individual case. The finest compression bras are those with a front closure to prevent arm mobility issues and pain.

For most women, wearing undergarments after a breast reconstruction is easier than it used to be. However, for those who have undergone an implant procedure, wearing undergarments after surgery can be very challenging. In this case, our Fusion Yoga Bra that we can step into and that aren't too tight are best.

What is a Mastectomy Bra & How to Choose The Best One

The Form of Things

One of the things that often surprises women following a mastectomy is that implants are not as prominent a shape as natural breasts. This is because, while natural tissue can still form, implants are fixed and have very little flexibility.

Fabric - You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to fabrics for women, we often go for the best quality. They have been made with natural fibers that are designed to provide antimicrobials, moisture wicking, and breathability. These are all important factors to consider when it comes to improving your body's healing process.

After a breast surgery, choosing the appropriate lingerie can be a bit challenging. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right fit and style. Our Comfort Bra is highly recommended by many post breast cancer patients and oncologists as a replacement for mastectomy bras. Say hello to it!

What is a Mastectomy Bra & How to Choose The Best One

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