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Relieve shoulder pain and back pain


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What is a wide strap bra?

Different from traditional strap bra or spaghetti strap bra, wide strap bra help women with bigger breasts distribute the weight over a wider area and lessen the pain on the shoulders with its broader shoulder straps and padding.

Why do you need a wide strap bra?

Generally, our straps should only give about one-fifth of the total support of your bralette. But they actually take up more responsibility --- about 80%, four times as it ought to undertake. That’s also why there are always red marks on your shoulders. It cannot provide enough support to your girls, especially when you have bigger ones.

A wider strap bra can better distribute the force from your boobs over a larger surface area and offer more support than a thinner strap. Therefore, they can minimize the pressure that every strap endure, reduce uneasiness and remove red marks. Thanks to wider straps, they are more likely to cling to your shoulders stably instead of falling off frequently. Moreover, a wide strap bra can also supply proper assistance to keep your mammas in good shape.

Why Coobie wide strap bra?

Coobie Wide Strap Bra series is designed for your total comfort. Their extra-wide, no-slip straps ensure maximum support and prevent slipping. The seamless design includes no wires, tags, or hardware so it feels just like a second skin. Our classic spandex blend can keep you dry and comfy after higher-impact physical activity. It is also an excellent choice for those undergoing chemotherapy or mastectomy.