5 Tips For Prolonging The Life of Your Favorite Bra

5 Tips For Prolonging The Life of Your Favorite Bra

Have you ever found the perfect bra? It's something that every woman has in her closet. It's the one that fits perfectly under anything and is always going to serve her well over the years. Today I'm sharing some tips that will help keep your favorite bra in good shape for years to come.

1. Get a good lingerie wash.

While it's possible to wash your underwear with baby shampoo, a good lingerie wash will remove both dirt and keep the fabrics in your bra in good condition for a long time. It's also great for making your bathroom smell amazing for an entire day.

There are various types of lingerie washes, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Discover what works for you and your style.

5 Tips For Prolonging The Life of Your Favorite Bra

2. Don't wash with hot water.

Since heat is the enemy of elasticity, don't wash your bra in lukewarm or cold water. It's important to avoid damaging fabrics and keeping them in place by washing them gently.

Remember: If your bras are very dirty, you should soak them for about 15 minutes. This will help break down the dirt and oil on them. Then, rinse them in cold water until the water is clear.

3. Never, ever go into the dryer.

Your bra's longevity is greatly affected by how you dry them. If you put them in the dryer, they will most likely damage the structure of the bra. Ideally, lay them flat on a towel and wipe off any excess water.

If you're planning on hanging a bra to dry, do it by the center gore instead of the straps. This will prevent the straps from getting stretched out.

4. Avoid wearing the same bra on two days in a row.

5 Tips For Prolonging The Life of Your Favorite Bra

Your bra gets a little dirty after every wear. The particles from dead skin cells, sweat, and body oils cling to the surface of your bra. They then break down the fabric and elastic of your bra. Rotating your bras every day, on the other hand, ensures that each bra is worn evenly and that no bra becomes too dirty too soon.

5. Store your bras with care.

5 Tips For Prolonging The Life of Your Favorite Bra

It's also important to keep in mind that proper storage can help prevent various issues (such as wrinkles and creases) from happening to your underwear. Aside from preventing these, proper storage can also help keep them in good shape.

Follow these surefire tips if you want to safeguard your underwear while also making your life easier:
  • Choose a system.
    For example, you can also separate them by color (by choosing the lightest to darkest within each hue) and style (such as t-shirt bras, racerback bras and strapless bras).
    It's also important to keep the ones that are most frequently worn toward the front of the drawer.
  • Use pretty hangers to display them.
    Ideally, hang all of your bras in the closet to avoid getting wrinkles. Instead of clip hangers, choose flat padded hangers or standard triangle ones. Be sure to look for hangers with grooves for the straps so they're less prone to falling off.
  • Pair them up.
    Tuck the matching panties into the bra cups you put in the drawer to save your preparation time.

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