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Things That Only Big Breast Understand

Things That Only Big Breast Understand
Things That Only Big Breasted Women Understand

When you are a little girl, you may wish for the boob fairy to bring you boobs so you could finally wear a bra with fancy decoration on it. However, when you are grow up, you are upset with your breast ---- which is apparently overly endowed. Even you wish the boob fairy would exchange you a smaller ones, you embrace your beautiful big breast you have. Read further and know more about the world of big breast girls.

Perks And Struggles That Only Big Breasted Women Understand

Even though having a pair of big boobs is a irritating things for our beautiful big breasted women, there are still some incredible perks of having such a large breast that you wish boob fairy to diminish. In addition, your big breasts will make the most natural pillows for you kids.

  • Enough Milk: When you are nursing, you realized that it is big breast that pump more milk. You never need to worry about not enough milk for your baby. You are the SUPER BIG GULP of breast milk.
  • Extra Pockets: When you wear a jeans or pants that has no enough pockets, your big breasts and your bra make up a perfect pocket. You and your breast can fit a passport, travelers checks, cash, and even your phone in your bra.
  • Good For Working Out: No kidding, your big girls can strike a balance when you are working out. Your large breasts balance you out so you don't look so bottom heavy even though they aren't the most comfortable when it comes to running.
  • They Are Your Pride: Most importantly, they are pride in your body. You looks pretty classy and pretty. Just feel comfortable in your own skin and be really proud of your curvy shape.

However, being blessed to be a big breasted girl always comes with some struggles. If you are a big breasted women, you may well understand the struggle big breasted women met below.

  • Food In The Bras: When you lost your food in your bra, it will be embarrassing and troublesome if you struggle finding the lost foods in your bra. Be very careful not to drop your food when eating, especially drop in the bra.
  • Are These Real: For big breasted girls, countless of date conversations starts with 'are those real?'. Everyone assume that you've gone through breast augmentation to get that size. What's worse, when you are talking with someone, it is your big breasts, not you, that the first thing that distract everyone.Many times you might have the urge to tell them 'my eyes are up here', but you know people can't keep their eyes off your assets.
  • Only Black And White: Entering a bra boutique and return disappointed has now become a daily routine for you. If you spot a pretty bra with fancy colors, straps or laces, you will end up without finding your bra size.
  • Strapless Bra Is A Joke: When you are choosing bra, strapless bras are the first one you delete from your choice because they do nothing to hold your big boobs in the right place, but push them down. You have got to end up with pulling up your strapless bra from time to time. Going braless? You have got to be kidding me.
Things That Only Big Breasted Women Understand

Outfits for Beautiful Big Breasted Women Like you

If you have big breasts, dressing for any occasion is more challenging. You have to consider cleavage and gaping shirts. Dresses don't fit well. You may feel overwhelmed. Look at these outfit ideas. They're inspiring and add more confidence for your day.

  • Adjustable Straps: Thanks to its cowl neck, this dress is a dream for all women with a large bust. Try to seek out a silhouette like this with lots of flowy fabric that drapes in the front and the option to tighten and loosen the straps.
  • Ruched Bottom-down Dresses: If you don't want your breasts pooping out, try ruched button-down dresses. This shirt has a ruched effect around the buttons to make it look intentional. The shirt is made of fabric with generous stretch to make it comfortable.
  • Stretchier Tops: If you are a big breasted women who like wearing tops, you will find fitting tops are very hard to pull off. You can go with a stretchier top that softly hug your curves but still feel comfortable and loose.
  • Knotted Tops: Wearing a boxy crop top or T-shirts tend to look like a tent if you have a larger breast. You can prevent this from happening by wearing a knotted top. In addition, a lose-fitting top with a pair of jeans is also favorable to offset the bulkiness and balance out the look.
  • Cropped Shirts: If you have a pair of big breast, a cropped shirt will look like a bra wearing outside the clothes. Therefore, wearing it with high-waisted bottoms will give you more coverage.
  • Coordinating Sets: Choosing what to wear in the morning is a nightmare for you? Coordinating sets can solve these problem that big breasted women are used to dealing with. In addition to wearing them together, you can mix and match them with other clothes you own.

Incredible Bras For You And Your Big Girls

Even though we solve the question about suitable outfit for big breasted women, the route of finding the perfect fuller-bust bra is still challenging. A suitable bra need to have a supportive structure, be comfortable, have fancy colors and be cute. There are some types of bras for you to choose from.

  • Full Coverage Bras: For big breasted girls, this seamless bra is the perfect combination of both comfort and support. It is made with spandex blend that feels like a second skin and provides a customized fit with zero discomfort or irritation.
  • Lace Bras: For big breasted women, lace bra must be the stylish, ultra-lightweight, super comfortable and versatile choice. You can show it off under the tank, dresses, low-cut sweater.
  • T-shirt Bras: T-shirt bra is friendly for both big breast and small breast , and it is also the perfect combination of comfort and support. It tends to provide a customized fir with zero discomfort and irritation. Also its tagless, scratch-free band can ensure the barely-there feeling.
Things That Only Big Breasted Women Understand

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