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Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know
Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know

Everyone knows that breasts can be big, small or somewhere in between, but did you know that they can also be asymmetric, bell-shaped or teardrop-shaped? There are terms to describe the position of the nipple, the exact position of the chest on the chest, and the direction in which the chest is facing when unsupported. All breasts and nipples are perfectly normal - in fact, most women have asymmetric breasts, and studies show that 91 percent of women in the world have asymmetric breasts.

Eight Different Types of Boobs

Next, we'll analyze eight different types of bust shapes and sizes and recommend the best bra for each type. But most of these terms to describe breast shape are colloquial, and your doctor is more likely to use words like symmetry, asymmetry, or sagging to describe the shape of your breasts. Once you've determined your body shape, look for a bra that fits the shape and size of your breasts.


Asymmetric breasts are when one set of breasts is different in size, shape, volume, or position from the other. If you want your breasts to look more toned, a push-up bra with detachable padding may be the best option.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--Asymmetric


You don't have to be an intense athlete to have athletic boobs. Your breasts may appear straighter -- not because they're bigger or more raised, but because of the muscles themselves. These breasts are generally wider, appear more muscular, and have less tissue. Wireless bras can provide comfort and support for wider breasts.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--Athletic

Bell Shape

Bell-shaped breasts are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom. Not surprisingly, they look like bells! A comfortable, uplifting T-shirt bra is perfect for your figure.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--Bell Shape

East West

Your nipples may be pointing outward in opposite directions, a trait many women have. In fact, it's fairly common that your nipples don't necessarily point forward. Most nipples are slightly outward. Most nipple and breast development begins before the first period, a process doctors call thelarche. First you have these tiny breasts. At the same time, the nipple gets a little bigger. They turned black. At that point, they can also start pointing out a little bit. If you want to bring your chest to the front of your chest, a push-up bra may help.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--East West


Sagging breasts are usually downward and loose. Genes and the amount of fat in the breasts are responsible for the shape. This is the nature of how skin and connective tissue work, and for a bra that will make your daughter look more upright, a T-shirt or push-up bra can definitely help.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--Pendulous


A round breast is one that is completely round, with the top and bottom of the chest equal, but this type of chest is also usually asymmetrical. The truth is that everyone has some degree of asymmetry, and they may not be perfectly round, or one may be slightly taller than the other. There are several different bra styles that can be worn with this shape.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--Round


Having a slender body doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear a smaller cup size. It just means that your breasts are on the thin side -- they probably don't take up your entire chest. A plunge bra will help your chest center up.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--Slender

Tear Drop

Similar to a round chest, the teardrop shape is round, but the tear drop at the top of the chest is not as full. This type of breast can also be referred to as early sagging. Many different styles of bra also fit this breast shape.

Boobs 101-Different Types of Boobs You Need to Know--Tear Drop


These are just a few of the many, many different types of breasts around the world! All large-breasted women are unique and amazing in their own way, so it's completely normal for everyone's breasts to look completely different. As women, we go through many milestones in the shape of our breasts, from puberty to pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc., and of course no two breasts look the same! That's why we continue to offer such a wide selection of styles and shapes to try out, so you can find feel-good ones that fit you and also work on many different types of breasts. Need more help finding a fit you feel good about? Check out our bra fitting guide, or book a virtual appointment with one of our expert bra fitters!

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