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7 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

Coobie, How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Breast Cancer?

In the US, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. According to experts, hereditary factors are responsible for around 5% to 10% of cancer cases. There are a number of simple and effective ways to lower our risk of getting the cancer.

Coobie, How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Breast Cancer?

· Maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight increases the risk of breast cancer among women. In fact, being obese after menopause can lead to the development of fat tissue in our bodies, which can increase the amount of estrogen in our bodies and trigger cancer. To avoid this, it's important to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

· Alcohol intake should be limited.

Studies show that drinking alcohol increases a woman's chances of getting breast cancer. It also triggers the growth of certain hormones in her body, which can cause cancer. Women who regularly consume three alcoholic drinks a week have a 15% higher chance of developing breast cancer. As a result, the common advice is to limit ourselves to one drink each day, as even tiny amounts can be dangerous.

· Throw away all your cigarettes.

Being a smoker is a big risk factor for various types of cancer, such as breast cancer. Studies have shown that inhaling tobacco increases a woman's chances of getting the cancer. Also, inhaling smoke can affect the effectiveness of certain treatments for breast cancer.

· Radiation and pollutants should be avoided.

Studies have shown a connection between radiation exposure and breast cancer among people who live in areas with high levels of radiation exposure. As a result, it's important to talk to your doctor about the use of low-dose mammograms or MRIs.

· Kids should be breastfed.

Although breastfeeding can be difficult for some women, it has been linked to a decrease in the risk of breast cancer. This benefit can be attributed to the reduced exposure to estrogen that occurs naturally in the body.

· Eat a better, more natural diet.

A low-fat diet may help prevent breast cancer from returning. A study found that women who followed a low-fat diet had a lower risk of breast cancer recurrence. This benefit was most apparent among those who had been diagnosed with an unusual type of cancer.

The Women's Health Initiative Trial tried to determine if a low-fat diet could reduce the risk of breast cancer among postmenopausal women. Although the study didn't find a link between a low-fat diet and reduced risk of breast cancer, it did suggest that a diet high in fat could lower a woman's risk of getting the disease.

· Continue to engage in physical activity.

While it's not ideal to exercise every day, being active can help improve our bodies' ability to recover faster after a procedure. This is also beneficial for our recovery efforts. Ideally, we should aim for at least 150 minutes of activity a week.

Coobie, How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Breast Cancer?

Is there anything else we can do?

It's important to check our breasts on a regular basis to keep them in top shape. If anything changes, report it to your doctor. It's also important to talk about the timing of regular screening with your doctor.

Even though cancer is not our control, exercise can still make us feel good about ourselves. It can help us feel like we're doing everything we can to improve our health and make it through.

Coobie, How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Breast Cancer?


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