How To Choose Leggings: An Essential Guide

How To Choose Leggings: An Essential Guide

Finding the perfect fit for your leggings is crucial, whether you're gearing up for the fall season or preparing for your workouts. Achieving the ideal balance between coverage and freedom of movement can be a challenge, especially given the lack of standardization in sizing across different clothing brands.

To help you navigate this issue, we've compiled some advanced tips and tricks to ensure you choose the right size and fit for your leggings. These insights will prove invaluable whether you're shopping in-store or perusing an online selection. Keep reading to discover these expert strategies for achieving the perfect leggings fit.

How Should Your Leggings Fit?

Much like a trusted pair of classic blue jeans or a timeless handbag, a quality pair of leggings has the potential to serve you faithfully for years and become an essential building block for your workout wardrobe.

As you embark on the quest for your next go-to leggings, keep the following key features in mind during your shopping journey. These aspects will help you make an informed decision and ensure your leggings meet your specific needs.

How To Choose Leggings?

The Fit

When gearing up for the gym, workout leggings, often referred to as 'tights', are a reliable choice. Your focus during exercise should be on your workout, not your clothing, so opting for leggings with minimal excess fabric is key.

Ensure a snug fit around your hips and choose high-rise waistbands for added support. Avoid leggings that gather or bunch around the ankles and knees, as these issues tend to worsen with wear. While some prefer vibrant colors, a classic pair of solid black leggings is a versatile staple.

To assess the fit, perform a few basic squats in the store. Did the waistline slip down toward your hips? If so, they're too big. Did the seams uncomfortably dig into your stomach? If so, they're too small. Additionally, consider leggings with adjustable waistbands for maximum comfort.

Once you've nailed the fit, explore additional features that align with your lifestyle. If you like to keep your phone handy during workouts, seek leggings with built-in side pockets. For those who run outdoors in the evening, look for leggings with reflective stripes to enhance visibility and safety. Your leggings should cater to your specific workout needs and comfort is paramount.

How To Choose Leggings?

The Feel

When it comes to leggings, not all are created equal, and one of the most significant factors affecting their quality is the choice of fabric. Elastane, also known as Spandex or Lycra, is a commonly used material in crafting leggings. Its stretchiness and durability are crucial attributes you'd want in a reliable pair of workout leggings.

Many 'athleisure' brands combine elastane with other materials like polyester, nylon, and sometimes even silver to create leggings with excellent moisture-wicking properties, allowing them to release sweat quickly.

This feature is particularly valuable during workouts. These blended materials also ensure the leggings move seamlessly with your body and often come with odor-reducing properties.

On the other hand, some companies opt for all-natural materials like cotton, wool, or bamboo to create leggings. These fabrics offer exceptional comfort but may have limited sweat-wicking capabilities compared to their synthetic counterparts.

When shopping for leggings, pay close attention to the material details provided and consider what fabrics feel the most comfortable on your body and align with your specific needs.

How To Choose Leggings?


Selecting the right workout leggings can significantly enhance your gym experience, and it's important to match them with the specific activities you'll be engaging in. Here are some recommendations tailored to common workout routines:


For high-impact workouts like running and cardio, opt for durable leggings that can withstand the intensity. Look for sweat-wicking materials to manage moisture efficiently as your heart rate rises. Lower waistlines can help you stay comfortable as you breathe heavily during these activities. If you run or cycle outdoors, consider leggings with a small pocket to carry essentials like keys or a phone.

How To Choose Leggings?


When you're engaged in stretching exercises that involve sitting, bending, and reaching, prioritize leggings with exceptional stretchiness. Natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo can be gentle on the skin and provide the flexibility you need.

Avoid leggings with zippers or drawstrings, as these elements can cause discomfort when lying on your stomach, side, or back. Instead, look for high-waisted leggings for added comfort during exercises that require a lot of bending.


For weightlifting routines involving squats, lunges, and lifts, it's important to have leggings that can endure the strain. Since you'll often be in front of a mirror during these workouts, feel free to choose a stylish pair of exercise pants. Leggings with a drawstring waist are ideal for functional workouts that transition between weightlifting and cardio, providing both support and flexibility.

By selecting leggings tailored to your specific workout activities, you can optimize your comfort and performance at the gym.

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How To Choose Leggings?

So Now You Know How To Chose Your Leggings

The world of leggings offers an abundance of options, each with its unique features tailored to enhance your workout experience. Whether you're running a marathon, hitting the gym for squat reps, or simply relaxing, the most crucial factor is how comfortable and supported you feel in your leggings.

There's nothing quite like the pleasure of confidently squatting in leggings that are non-see-through, or the exhilaration of running at your fastest without the worry of chafing.

Within our extensive and inclusive range of plus-size leggings, and sport-specific apparel, you'll discover the perfect pair of leggings. These leggings will feel like a second skin, offering a smooth sensation against your skin, a secure fit, and unwavering support. With these leggings, you'll exude ultra-confidence and be prepared to conquer every move, whether it's in the gym or during your everyday activities.

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