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How to Avoid Panty Line?

How to Avoid Panty Line?

Visible panty line can ruin any good outfit, while invisible panty lines enhance your overall look by making your figure look slimmer and sexier. In order to avoid obvious panty lines, it's important to choose the right underwear. If you want a completely seamless look, there are some extra underwear you can try and some clothes you can avoid.

What is Panty Line?

Simply put, panty lines are the silhouette of a woman's underwear. When these lines can be seen through a woman's clothing, they become - you guessed it - visible panty lines, or VPL. Opinions of VPL vary from "cute and fun" to "complete costume malfunction" and everything in between. While some women don't mind the way their underwear shows, others can't stand it when the silhouette distracts attention from their outerwear. Before we dive into ways to hide panty lines, you should first understand what causes them.

What Cause Panty Line?

Panty lines are caused by ill-fitting or poorly constructed underwear combined with light or tight clothing. Thick slits in underwear are the most common culprit. These sutures either sit above a woman's buttocks, creating a ridge line, or go deep into the buttocks, leaving depressions. Either way, the person standing behind you will be perfectly aware of the shape of your underwear.

To get a feel for the role your clothes play in VPLs, imagine tying a rubber band to an inflatable balloon. The tight band concave the smooth surface of the balloon. Now, lay a light cotton T-shirt over it. You can probably still see the shape of the rubber band underneath. Wrapping the cotton T-shirt tightly around the balloon made the indentation more obvious. But if you put two layers of heavier fabric on top, the indentation will be less noticeable.

How to Hide Panty Lines?

No matter how incredible a garment may look, it can be ruined by the dreaded visible panty line (VPL). Yes, wearing a commando outfit is an option to avoid any dents, but - as liberating as it may be - it may not be the most comfortable (or hygienic) thing to do, especially when wearing a crisp little dress.

Thankfully, there are plenty of seamless solutions below. Believe it or not, thongs aren't your only option, my friend. With the right underwear and a few fashion tips, VPL can be a thing of the past.

1. Right Underwear With Your Bottoms

We want your underwear -- tights, straps and all -- not to be obnoxious. Fortunately, hiding your panty line can be as simple as choosing panties that fit your outfit. Let's get the basics:

Loose skirts or flowing pants: Halter shorts outline your hips, prevent friction from flowing clothes, and the smoothing effect means no one will notice any panty lines. Better yet, no matter which way the wind blows, halter shorts will calm your mind and prevent culottes from ruining your look.

Skinny jeans: Boy shorts completely cover your hips and thighs so you can protect your skin from denim, while the leg openings are just below your curves, minimizing the pant lines no matter how tight your jeans are. Boy shorts also happen to be the best way to prevent sweat and bruising on your thighs.

How to Avoid Panty Line? Coobie Boyshort Safety Briefs 9007

Coobie Boyshort Safety Briefs 9007

High-waisted bottoms: Whether you're wearing high-waisted shorts , pants, or a skirt, if your clothes are high, you want your waistline to be high, too. Low-waisted briefs are more likely to create unwanted creases or lines, so you'll want to pull out your favorite pair of high-waisted briefs .

Yoga pants and leggings: This is the crux of the problem. It's hard to hide anything under tight clothing for obvious reasons. Halter shorts can reduce this effect because the straps are much lower, but thongs are much more hidden. In this case, the key to eliminating VPL is to choose ultra-light, seamless underwear .

2. Wear Thicker Materials

While it's fun to wear a light silk dress to a party, something like this doesn't do a good job of covering up what's underneath. If you notice that the outline of your panties sticks out like a sore thumb on your light clothing, it might be time to switch to a thicker fabric.

Cotton and wool, for example, are often a better choice for masking VPL than tulle, silk, and lace. A good way to check is to hold your work up to a lamp and see how much of it comes through. If it barely blocks out the light, there's a good chance you'll run into some VPL problems.

3. Go No-Show

With the right fabric and design, you can wear your favorite style of underwear no matter what outfit you choose. Seamless underwear is a sleek, fitted style that will stay out of sight with almost any garment you choose.

If you are looking to upgrade your range of seamless helpers, check out our Air Stealth range. It feels like you're not wearing anything, and the seamless design guarantees you won't see it over leggings, shorts, skinny jeans or dresses.

How to Avoid Panty Line? Coobie Invisible Mid Rise Briefs 1862

Coobie Invisible Mid Rise Briefs 1862

4. Pair them with Tights or Pantyhose

Everyone loves to wear a nice pair of leggings in winter, but how do you hide the lines of your underwear in leggings? The answer is: more layers! The next time you spot VPL in the mirror while wearing your favorite leggings, consider adding a layer of tights or pantyhose over your panties .

Of course, this is not the best option on a hot summer day. But in winter, it kills two birds with one stone: it keeps you warm while covering up your conspicuous underwear lines. Why wear your underwear if it makes the panty line unsafe? Upgrade your top drawer to underwear you want to wear every day, like our silky soft Second Skin collection. With styles and collections for all occasions - whether you're at the gym or hanging out at home - you can lay the perfect foundation for every outfit, every day.

How to Avoid Panty Line? Coobie Tummy Control Shaper Shorts 1867

Coobie Tummy Control Shaper Shorts 1867

5. Opt for Slimmer Seams

While we all know that underwear lines are exposed regardless of the size of the seams, thinner seams give you a chance to fight them. Thicker sutures tend to contrast sharply with the skin, making onlookers more likely to stare at the outline of your underwear rather than your cute outfit.

6. Test out Some Shapewear

Shapewear is great for creating a smooth line under clothing, but this option may only work for big events. No one wants to wear spanx every day. Also, don't torture yourself with tight clothes. It's really not worth it.

7. Pay Attention to the Color

When wearing light colors, match your undergarments with your skin tone . Flesh-colored panties blend in with your skin, leaving invisible panty lines even if your pants are slightly see-through.

How to Avoid Panty Line? Coobie High Waist Yoga Shaper Leggings 1866

Coobie High Waist Yoga Shaper Leggings 1866

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