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Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend

Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend

The rise of the side boob has been one of the most talked about chest trends. While this looks great on its own, it can also be done with surgical procedures.

What is Side Boob?

Side boob, as the name implies, is when one of your breasts is exposed under your clothing. This is essentially the 'new cleavage', where focus shifts from the center to one side.

Many women want their breasts to be subtly displayed from the side when wearing dresses, swimsuits, blouses, etc. Side breasts, like cleavage, occur naturally in some women and not in others. For women who don't, cosmetic surgery is an option.

Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend

What's the Difference between Side Boob and Side Set Boob?

Side boob, as we reveal above, is when one of your breasts is exposed under your clothing. This is essentially the 'new cleavage', where focus shifts from the center to one side.

Side set breast is a type of breast shape that tends to feel more like the west and east rather than the north. It can be caused by breast reconstruction or natural breast development. If you have wide-set breasts, there is often a gap between the breasts that exposes more chest and rib cage.

Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend

How do Women Get Side Boob?

One of the most effective ways to achieve a side set breast is through breast augmentation. This procedure is a popular technique that can help enhance the shape and size of the breasts. In addition to this, choosing the right breast thickness and breast contours can also help you achieve this look. If you have very little body fat, and you choose a breast implant that's too thick for your size, then you might be able to feel its edges. This is because the implant will sit on top of the muscle. In order to minimize the risk of wrinkles, you can also place breast implants under the muscle. This can be done by choosing a silicone or a thicker breast implant.

Fat transplantation is also a good way to subtly enhance breast contour. Removing fat from another area of your choice by liposuction, then treating it and putting it back on your chest, can significantly improve your figure. Transplanting fat onto one side of the breast is a great way to reduce the corrugations and wrinkles from previous breast implants and give you a prettier side breast.

Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend

Tip For Showing Side Boob

You don't need to show off your front cleavage when you can show off your side boobs. All the celebrities do it, and so can you! You just have to be careful how you do it, as this is less common and more prone to clothing malfunctions. However, if you do it right, it can look super sexy, so if you want to give it a go, here are some tips for showing off side boobs.

Wear a Tank That's Low Under The Arms

You can easily show off your side boobs in the summer by wearing a tank top that's coming down to your armpits. To avoid overexposing yourself, don't slip a bra underneath it. Also, make sure that your armpits are not too low or wide.

Wear a Sheer Top or Top Sheer on the Side

If you don't like to wear clothes with open sides, then you should buy sheer shirts. As long as your front is covered and only a small part of your side is showing, you should be safe. Plus, you won't feel like you're walking half-naked because you're surrounded by fabric.

Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend

Wear Cutout Dresses

A cut-out dress is the most classic way to show off a side bust. When you find the right one, you can show off your breasts without looking too sultry. Moreover, they are one of the hottest trends right now.

Showing Side Boob without Any Concern

Find a Mirror to Check Yourself Out. Before you go out in public, always find a full-length mirror to examine yourself. You'll want to rotate, bend over, and raise your arms above your head to see how much skin there is as you move. You don't want to wear something that looks good when your arms are at your sides, but gives it away when you move a little.

Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend

Wear Nipple Tape.

If you're really worried about your nipples rubbing against your clothes, or just don't want your nipples poking out of your shirt, you can wear nipple strips. You can buy them at almost any clothing store or even order them online. They're easy to use and don't slip off, so you don't have to worry about embarrassment.

Fashion Tape.

You can easily remove and secure your clothes with fashion tape, which is easy to put on and is designed to fit securely on your skin. This will help prevent your clothes from revealing too much of your body.

Keep the Rest of Your Outfit Conservative.

While your upper body is showing a lot of skin, you should cover most of your lower body to balance it out. If you want to show off your side breasts, don't wear a miniskirt with a blouse. Try wearing tights or shorts that are half thigh-length.

Side Boob, the Latest Fashion Trend


Side cleavage is often underrated, which is why it's important to make this trend more popular. There are various fashion tips for women who want to expose side boobs.

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