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How To Choose Teen Panties for Your Daughter?

How To Choose Teen Panties for Your Daughter?
How To Choose Teen Panties for Your Daughter?

In their teenage, girls need bras and panties that make them comfortable and relaxed because they are going through the most significant period in their life. They will bleed every month, and their breasts will pain and grow. They will go through many kinds of physical developments.

Wearing comfortable panties is as important as wearing comfortable clothes because they protect your butt and your private parts. Even if most teenagers have little understanding about the panties they wear, as their dads and moms, you need to pay attention and remind them to choose the best panties for them. If you are still confused, look at this article for learning guides for choosing teen panties for your daughters.

Teach Your Teen How to Measure Their Waist and Hips

This is a skill that your teens need to learn before they can buy bras or panties for themselves. If they know how to measure their waist and hip, they can choose bras and panties that suit them most by themselves.

There are some tips for them to measure their waist and hip:

First, stand in front of a full-length body mirror and take off your clothes, but leave your pants and your bras on.

Second, place your feet together for the most accurate measurement.

Third, wrap it around the backside and pull the tape around another end from the other hip.

Fourth, find the smallest part and the biggest part of your torso. The smallest part of your torso is your waist and the biggest part of your torso is your hip.

Notice: When you use measuring taps, you need to move up or down to find the biggest and smallest part. Maybe you need to try several times to find the most accurate number.

Fifth, write down your hip measurement and choose teen panties according to your measurement.

How To Choose Teen Panties for Your Daughter?

With the Hip and Waist Size, It's Time to Talk about the Types of Teen Panties.

As for girls who are beginners at wearing teen panties, there are suitable choices for beginners.

Bikini Briefs:

Although it sounds like a kind of swimmer, there is no doubt that they are one of the most comfortable choices for teens. They are designed with a lower waistline and suitable coverage and are designed for teenage girls as one of the best underwear choices. Moreover, their elastic fabric makes them the most choice for everyday wear.

High Waist Brief:

If you are a chubby teen and have a large belly, maybe a high waist brief may be a great option. If you are overweight and your body looks like an apple, that is to say, you are an 'apple shape body' and have a larger hip and stomach, you can wear a high waist brief, especially those can flatten your belly and abdomen. In winter, a high waist brief can keep your belly warm and get rid of the coldness that makes you sick.

Boy Short:

If you are a teen who has a larger hip and don't want your underwear bunch and roll under your belly, you can choose boy short for ultimate comfort. If you have a bigger hip, your body belongs to 'pear shape body'.


If you are slimmer and don't want your panty lines shown under your short jeans or short skirts, you can try a thing. It is also suitable for wearing under leggings and shapewear for showing as less panty lines as possible. However, there are more things you need to pay attention to when you decide to wear a thong for going out.

Tips to Remember When You Buy Teen Panties with Your Daughter

First, take your daughter to the lingerie shop and consult a sales associate.

If you are fathers or mothers of the first teenager at home, maybe you will be confused about how to choose lingerie for your teen.

If you don't know how to choose and how to start, you can ask a sales associate for the suggestion because they are in this field for years and know many things about underwear. They are the best guide for you and your daughter and they will tell you which kind of underwear suit teenagers most and which does not.

Second, let your daughter choose for herself.

Although it is the first time she goes to the lingerie shop to choose panties for herself and you worry about her choosing the lingerie that unfits her, let her choose and it is very important to let her have her own idea and let her choose what she likes.

Remember, don't force them to choose the one you like, because the person who really wears this underwear is her, not you. If they found the underwear they choose at the beginning uncomfortable or doesn't fit their own style, they will change and talk with you about underwear.

Third, you can search on the Internet with your daughter and discuss what type and color she likes.

Our teenagers are always walking on the of-the-moment trends, so they are the person who knows what types or colors are most popular among teenagers and it is they themselves that know what they like best.

In this process, you can be a careful listener and give moderate advice about what your daughter says. Believe me or not, your daughter will be very happy when you respect her like and dislike. If her choice is too racy or too sexy, you can give some advice and listen to what she thinks. If you talk to her instead of just saying 'no', she will more likely to listen to your suggestion and choose the one that is less sexy.

How To Choose Teen Panties for Your Daughter?


There is no definite answer about what color or what type of teen panties should your daughter wear because every girl has their own decision and their preference. As parents, you need to listen to them and let them do the final choice. Your teen will thank you a lot.

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