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The Best Surgical Bra for Post Breast Cancer Surgery

The Best Surgical Bra for Post Breast Cancer Surgery

Deciding which surgical bra to use after surgery can be a difficult decision. Several factors must be considered.

Although many women report that they found a new bra after mastectomy or lumpectomy relatively straightforward, the task still can be daunting. A woman who has undergone either of these procedures might understandably feel anxious about finding a supportive bra.

Like many women, finding a bra can be a very personal process. If surgical bras are uncomfortable or ill-fitting, women may have difficulty finding ones that work.Finding the right fit the first time may take time, so follow our tips to get the most out of bra shopping.

What is a Surgical Bra?

As the name suggests, a surgical bra is usually made of high-quality fabrics free of dye, wires, and excessive trimmings. An appropriate surgical bra should provide 24-hour support and, in some cases, light compression as the tissues heal. It is designed so that women can comfortably wear it throughout the day.

After tissue flap breast reconstruction, some surgeons do not recommend bras because the pressure is too high. Ask your surgeon if one is recommended and if one will be provided after surgery.

Do you need a post-surgery bra?

Depending on your situation, you might need a special bra after:

What to look for in a post-surgery bra

Following are some key features to consider when choosing a surgical bra:

  • Wireless. Nearly all post-procedure bras come without wires. Numbness may prevent you from realizing that a wire has cut into your skin.
  • There are pockets. Look for a bra with pockets if you will wear a prosthesis after surgery.
  • Fabrics of soft texture. In general, more delicate fabrics tend to be more comfortable. Stay away from hard, stiff fabrics and opt for stretchy, high-cotton materials instead.
  • Adjustable. The majority of postoperative bras should feature adjustable straps and closures. All the adjustments should be made from the front to eliminate the need to twist or stretch.
  • Generally longer lines. It is advisable to select a bra with a longer band after surgery. Unlike a bra with a short band, this will feel less restrictive.

The 9060 Coobie Comfort Bra 

Many post-breast cancer patients and oncologists recommend the 9060 Coobie Comfort Seamless Surgical Bra as a mastectomy bra replacement as it is designed for maximum comfort. This bra offers full support with wide, non-slip straps and soft cups that are fully covered for a flattering fit. There are no wires, tags, or hardware in this seamless design. The wide strap soft bra is available in four sizes to allow you to have a more customized fit.

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