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Believe It or Not, the World Loves Thick Women

Believe It or Not, the World Loves Thick Women
Believe It or Not, the World Loves Thick Women

Do you get frustrated when you look at your body in front of a mirror? Do you think that you have flesh and fat in all the wrong place? You and I face similar dilemma. But the world love us thick women, here are some tips for real, thick women like you and me.

From Ancient Greece to Now, We Love Thick Women

Do you know what did the Greeks think of beauty? In their eyes, the criteria of beauty include wide hips, pale arms, big boobs, and a big butt. Our goddess of love and the most wonderful woman Aphrodite is also thick and have a beautiful body curve which is lacking in the body of skinny people.

In the Medieval era when the plague prevails, most men and women cannot live until their thirtieth birthday. Therefore, they don't like a skinny person because it is a representation of sickness and poverty. Instead, they like long hair and big stomach.

In addition, they like booty shapes and large butts. With the hardship and pain in the Medieval period, being chubby is the representation of the prosperous. If you had enough to eat and are fatter than others, you are more likely to see your thirtieth birthday and you are popular and attractive.

In the Renaissance period, there are a variety of paintings and sculptures. If you compare these paintings and sculptures, you can notice the fact that the women in most of the paintings and sculptures are chubby and fat. Thickness was regarded as the signature of power and beauty. Their big boobs and butts display attractive signs of fertility and make these thick women more and more popular.

One of the most famous thick women is Mona Lisa, who also has broad shoulders, a lovely round smiling face, and a thick neck, especially her big boobs. Instead, skinny women were not so popular and attractive to people in Renaissance.

Why Do Some Men Nowadays Still Love Thick Women?

Although in ancient times people are crazy fans of thick women, in recent decades something changed, and more and more women started to pursue ways of losing weight. However, not all men love slim women. Instead, some of them love thick ladies. There are two reasons that men love chubby women.

· First, some men would like to go against traditional ideas about beauty.

Some men love these plus-sized women to fight conventional ideas that only the slim figure is the most beautiful. Moreover, they are not willing to connect thickness as laziness, illness, and poverty. Some of them love thick women from their birth and they feel that thick girls are chubby and lovely, and they are not the representation of ugliness but loveliness. Also, they are the representation of more sexually active with their big boobs and butts.

· Second, thick women are not so sensitive and more pleasant.

Thick women are less sensitive because they endure enough laughter and scolding, and what doesn't kills them will make them stronger. They even make jokes about themselves when they are laughed at. They are more experienced than slim women in dealing with negative comments.

Even if they are chubby, they will enjoy the delicious foods they love instead of tolerance and become unhappy. However, most slim ladies worry about their weight and their figure, and they lose any opportunity to get themselves happy.

No matter on campus or at work, thick women are always surrounded by their friends because they have positive personalities and politeness. They will not only be good friends, good colleagues, and good spouses.

Believe It or Not, the World Loves Thick Women

Fashion Tips for Lovely Thick Women

· The first thing you need to choose is a well fitting bra.

However, it is not easy for you to find a well-fitting bra for our figures. If you want to guarantee that you buy the best fitting bra, it is recommended that you go to local stores and boutiques to try on bras for yourself. If your location does not support a fitting room or there is no specialized bra shop or boutique, you can measure your bust size and band size, subtract them and get your cup size.

Our bras may suit you a lot. We have wider straps that make the strap comfortably lay on your shoulders. The bras are designed without hooks, seams, tags, or other hardware that makes you uncomfortable. You can wear it with various styles of clothes and even when you are sleeping.

It is very convenient for you to take out or put in the breathable bra padding for your maximum comfort. You can enjoy your thick beauty with our bras.

· Second, avoid tops that pull or gape.

Since we've already mentioned that women should avoid tops that have gaps or pull, we're also suggesting that they avoid wearing cardigans, button-front blouses, and other similar items. However, if you're a fan of these types of blouses, you can still find them in various brands.

Some tops, such as t-shirts and cardigans, can also be fitted to your bosom by stretching. There are additionally various ways to cover up a gaping blouse, such as using safety pins, medical tape, lipstick toupee tape, and more. If you want to look your best, avoid wearing dresses and tops that cut across your bust.

· Third, pay more attention to proportions.

One of the most important factors that women with busty boobs need to consider when it comes to planning their outfits is the balance between their body type and their outfit. For instance, if you're wearing a loose-fitting shirt, it's a good idea to pair it with a pair of skinny jeans.

Another mistake that women make when it comes to buying clothes is choosing a size that's too small or too large. Aside from this, choosing a high-collar or long shirt can help balance out an outfit's overall look.

Believe It or Not, the World Loves Thick Women

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