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What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you're looking to enhance and shape your butt to perfection, then the Brazilian butt lift might be just what you're looking for. This procedure is performed safely and effectively.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that improves the appearance of the buttocks in addition to removing fat from other parts of the body. However, the Brazilian butt lift is not a traditional "butt lift" like a facelift or breast lift. The Brazilian butt lift can add volume and improve the shape of the buttocks, but will not improve sagging or excess skin. If you have loose or excess skin, talk to your health care provider about butt lifts. Doctors called plastic surgeons perform Brazilian butt lifts. Fat graft butt augmentation and safe subcutaneous butt augmentation are other names for this procedure.

What does the Brazilian butt lift do to your body?

In the Brazilian butt lift, a doctor known as a plastic surgeon removes fat deposits from other parts of your body and inserts them into the area around your buttocks. After recovery, your butt will be larger, more prominent, and evenly shaped. Body contours are smoother when fat is removed.

Good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift

Doing the Brazilian butt lift is a personal decision. Pursuing your needs and desires for your body is very powerful. To consider a Brazilian butt lift, you should: Complete the development. In good health. Have realistic expectations. Let excess fat from other parts of your body transfer to your hips. If you don't have enough excess fat, you may be a good candidate for butt implants.

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Brazilian butt-lift procedure

The Brazilian butt lift involves fat grafts and is known for its natural-looking results. The program consists of the following steps:

The procedure is usually performed under anaesthesia, but in operations to transfer small amounts of fat, only local anaesthesia (narcotic drugs) may be required. You can ask for anti-nausea medication in advance, especially if the anesthesia makes you feel nauseous.

Your surgeon then uses liposuction to remove fat from other parts of your body, such as your hips, abdomen, and thighs. Liposuction itself involves making an incision in the skin and using a catheter to remove fat from the body.

The fat just removed from your body is purified and ready to be injected into your buttocks.

Finally, your surgeon injects the treated fat into specific areas of the buttocks to create a rounder, fuller look. They make three to five incisions around the buttocks to transfer fat.

The incisions for liposuction and fat transfer were closed with sutures. Your surgeon then applies a compression suit to the affected skin to reduce the risk of bleeding.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Benefits and side effects of Brazilian butt-lift

Unlike other forms of buttock surgery, such as silicone butt implants, the Brazilian butt lift is touted to give a more natural result while making the butt more rounded.

It can also help with certain problems, such as slackness and shapelessness that sometimes occur with age.

You may also want to consider this procedure if you have an unbalanced body that makes it difficult for you to dress comfortably.

The Brazilian butt lift is more effective than silicone implants when it comes to reducing the risk of infection. This is because this type of procedure has a better safety record than other procedures, such as those that are injected illegally.

Despite these advantages, there are some serious side effects to consider.

The Brazilian butt lift carries fewer risks than other procedures, such as silicone butt implants. Still, as with any surgery, the procedure carries a risk of side effects - some very serious.

Another known side effect is that your buttocks can't absorb the transplanted fat. A certain amount of the injected fat is broken down and absorbed by the body. Sometimes you may need an extra program or two. To reduce this risk, your surgeon may implant extra fat during the first operation.

Brazilian butt-lift recovery and outlook

Like any cosmetic procedure, you need to pay special attention after a Brazilian butt lift.

You won't be able to sit for two weeks after the surgery, and you'll need to sleep on your side or stomach until the wound is fully healed. When you're recovering from surgery, your hip can be swollen for weeks.

In general, the effects of surgery last from a few months to a few years. Initially, you may need multiple steps until you reach the exact result you want. It may also take up to six months to see the full effects of the initial surgery. You can ensure a positive outcome by making sure your weight doesn't fluctuate.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt-lift Cost

In 2016, the average cost of a butt lift was $4,571, compared with $4,860 for breast augmentation. These average figures are just based on the surgeon's costs - you may also want to consider other costs such as hospitalization, anesthesia, and post-operative care.

Be wary of 'cheap' programs that seem too good to be true. Be sure to research your cosmetic surgeon to make sure they are board certified.

Insurance doesn't cover the Brazilian butt lift because it's not medically necessary. You can work with your service provider ahead of time to determine all the fees involved and see if they offer a payment plan. You also need to consider recovery time outside of work, which could be a week or more.


Brazilian butt lifts are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. When your surgery is performed by a certified, experienced surgeon, you have a better chance of getting a good outcome. Be prepared in advance to understand the process, costs, and recovery times before signing up.

While the Brazilian butt lift is popular, it's not for everyone. Talk to your surgeon about your desired outcome and your health history. They may recommend this method or another method more suited to your needs.

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