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When do Breast Stop Growing: An Ultimate Guide for Parents of Teen

When do Breast Stop Growing: An Ultimate Guide for Parents of Teen
When do Breast Stop Growing: An Ultimate Guide for Parents of Teen

Between the age of 8 to 12, our child become tween, she start to develop physically and mentally. Her breasts start to bump and she want to be more independent. She will become moody when she go through period each month. As parents, you may be accustomed to parenting. But there are many things you need to learn to be a better parents of a tween.

When do Breasts Stop Growing?

A girl's breasts start to develop as puberty begins, usually between the ages of 8 to 14. Mammary glands and fatty tissue will be formed in this process until she is 18 years old. When they finally became an adult, their breasts have typically reached their final size. The size and shape is decided by the gene, weight and their lifestyle. However, even if the breasts grown up in 18, the size of the breasts will change with many other factors like pregnancy and menopause.

Girls are quite conscious about their growing breasts, because in the process of breasts growing, they will bigger, smaller or uneven. As parents, what we need to do is to tell our teen girls it is normal phenomenon. It's suggested that mothers tell their daughters their stories in puberty to better support their daughter and reassure them.

When do Breasts Begin to Develop? How Many Stages do Breasts Grow?

Breast begin to form while the unborn baby girl is still in her mother's uterus. By the time a baby girl is born, her nipples and the beginnings of the milk duct system have formed.

In general, breasts development begins between at the age of 8 and 13. The first stage of breast development is slightly swelling under the nipple, which can be called breast buds. As her breasts first start to grow, they can be very tender and sore. As the breasts develop, the skin get stretched and her skin itches. At this moment you can buy your daughter a training bra, which can help protect her breasts grow and minimize pain and itch. This itchy and painful feeling is inevitable but can be relieved, and they will disappear over time.

During puberty, a girl will accumulate fat as much as possible for her breasts development, and their breasts become rounder and fuller. The nipples will erect or stick out and the area around the nipple may get darker and larger. A girl's breasts are completely developed by age 17 or 18. But it doesn't mean the breasts stop changing because the breasts varies in their early twenties with the variation of hormones during monthly period, pregnancy and so on.

When do Breast Stop Growing: An Ultimate Guide for Parents of Teen

How to Care for Teen Girls' Growing Breasts?

Breasts, only two mounds of flesh, but get many attention. As a girl matures and goes through puberty, her breasts indicate that this girl is leaving girlhood and entering a new female stage in her life. Some girls look forward to their boobs but some others are afraid of them. There are many problems and concerns that these girls wonder if there is an elder person to help them. As their daddy and mommy, you need to take up this responsibility and become the sense of safety of your daughter .

The first fact you need to convince your daughter is that there are all kinds of breasts of different shapes and sizes , and all of them are great and beautiful. Breasts do more than looking beautiful because it can feed a baby and grow a baby up. They needn't to worry, anxious or upset about their breast shapes and sizes.

Once a girl's breast start to develop, buying her a training bra may be a good idea. A training bra can protect the nipples and keep the girl gradually acquainted to the feeling of wearing a bra. In addition, a bra can make a girl's nipples less exposed when she's wearing a t-shirt especially when the girl is exercising and playing sports. Like any other things new, buying and wearing a bra can be tough at the beginning. Her parents will be a good source of help. A mother can take her daughter to the shop and try on new bra. Your girl will enjoy the mother-and-daughter moment, and when she will definitely do the same when she has a daughter in the future.

The coming question is that how to choose the most suitable bra for your daughter . May be your mom didn't teach you how to choose one when you are as old as your daughter now, but it's time for you to learn how to choose one for your daughter and teach her how to choose one on her own. If she reject to the shop, you can teach her measure breast size at home and buy bras online. It's recommended that you prepare at least three or four training bra for your daughter, two for everyday wear and two for spare in case of some circumstance when she need to change a clean training bra right now.

Sport bra and t-shirt bra are good choice for girl's first bra because they can prevent breasts from jigging around, especially for active and sportive girl. As the girl ages, her training bra is no longer suit her, and we can let her choose the type she like on her own. There is nothing you need to worry about and don't try to control her.

When do Breast Stop Growing: An Ultimate Guide for Parents of Teen

Other Caring Suggestions for Girls in Puberty

Except preparing first training bra for your daughter, you need to help your daughter be ready for many first time during their puberty such as their first period. You need to have a conversation with your daughter and convince her period is nothing to be ashamed about and afraid of, and it is a important part for a girl becoming a woman. Buy and prepare sanity pads or tampons with her and teach her how to use what to be aware. Maybe your daughter will cramp and go through emotional change each period, explore ways to relieve her pain. If possible, take her to doctor to relieve pain.

Because hormonal change, mood swings are also common for your girl in puberty. Your daughter can't control how she reacts or how her moods change during puberty. She will probably more sensitive because of pressure from every aspects. As you know, we can not stop them from happening. But we can do is to support her through the transition to help them feel better. If she freak out, it's important to stay calm and have a conversion with your daughter, and more important, listen what she complain is very important because this will make her relieved.

Final Words

Finding the right way to get along with your teenage girl may be tough at the beginning, but keeping patient and talking to them is worthwhile. If you trust your teen, give them enough independence, space and right, they will get through their puberty smoother.

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