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Side Boobs --- Breast Shape We Adore

Side Boobs --- Breast Shape We Adore
Side Boobs --- Breast Shape We Adore

There are different kinds of boobs in the world. All of the breasts are beautiful in their unique ways. Sometimes side set boobs are a blessing, but sometimes they may be a curse. Some women are annoyed about her and want to make their breasts more gathering and perkier. Let's see what side set boobs are and how to get on well with them.

What's side set boobs? Are you side set boobs?

Side set boobs are similar to east west boobs. Although they share some similarities, they exists some differences that makes you better recognize one kind from another.

East-west boobs mean the nipples pointing outwards in opposite directions. Another characteristic is that east-west boobs feature wider set boobs than any other kind of boobs, and both the nipples and the breasts deviate away from the chest center. If you choose the wrong bras and clothes, your boobs will look saggy, and hard to show cleavage even if you try your best to squeeze. For this kind of boobs, one tip is to explore full coverage bras because they can help lift up your breasts, achieve cleavage, and makes breasts look fuller.

Side set boobs is a little similar to the east-west boobs we mentioned above . But they tend to be larger and there is a wide space between your breasts. In addition, they are a little bit fuller in shape than east-west shape boobs. One of the recommendations for side-set boobs is plunge bras because plunge bras can lift up the breasts, squeeze them to the middle and achieve cleavage.

How to know if you are side set boobs?

According to many authentic resources of health and beauty field, it's the width of at least three fingers. If you can place three fingers between the boobs without touching any breast tissue, your breasts are side set boobs. Although any pair of breasts can be side set boobs, the gap is most annoying with medium size breasts. This way the volume of the boobs is big enough to make the gap visible, but the breasts do not meet to cover the gap.

Why do you have side set boobs?

According to many health website and bra brands, breast shape and size is mainly determined by your gene, but they can change as a result of pregnancy and lactation, intensive workouts, and sudden weight fluctuations. There mat also be noticeable changes at certain points during the menstrual cycle. Side-set breasts can occur naturally or as a result of breast reconstruction. When you have side-set breasts, there is usually a larger gap between them, exposing more chest and ribcage.

Side Boobs --- Breast Shape We Adore

How to support your side set boobs?

We know some of you are annoyed about your side set boobs and can't wait to make them centralized. There are some do and don't for support your side set boobs and make them look less side set.


● Use some moisturizer to comfort your breasts. Good moisturizer and sunscreen can help nourish and tone your breasts and keep them looking their best. Also, protecting them from the sun can help prevent their tissues from breaking down.

● Keep a healthy diet and eat more food containing protein. Having a healthy diet and maintaining a weight will help nourish and tone your breasts.

● Regular exercising is also good for making your breasts less side set. For example, core strength training is a great way to improve the appearance of your breasts.

● Keep a good posture can develop your body and make your breasts more centralized. You can sit or stand straight when you are cooking or watching Netflix.

Wear properly fitted bras that aid your body in supporting your breasts. Not only a properly fitted bra can provide a supreme lift but also makes both you and your breasts comfortable.


● Don't waste money on so-called products that reverse side set boobs. There are no products to dramatically change your breast shape, unless you get a breast reconstruction surgery.

● Don't smoke and drink frequently. Tobacco and alcohol use can make your breast saggier, which will make you more annoyed. Smoking and drinking can also lead to various health issues, including breasts cancer.

● Don't do exercises that make your breasts bounce up and down because your breasts will be saggier because of gravity, which is totally inevitable.

Side Boobs --- Breast Shape We Adore

How to choose bras for side set boobs?

A plunge bra may be the best and the most suitable choice for side set boobs. It provide best lift and makes a V shape which makes the most of your fabulous cleavage. A plunge bra is super supportive for those of side set boobs and comfortable. It will be a great go-to bra to wear any outfit.

● If you are sportive woman and you are side set boobs, a racerback bra will be your best intimate to support your bouncing boobs. In addition, when you are running or jumping rope, a racerback bra can help your breasts fight against gravity and prevent it from sagging.

● When you choose bra, don't choose the bra that is too small than you actually size . Maybe you think the tighter your bras are, the better lift they can provide to your breasts. But it is totally wrong. Wearing bras that are too tight not only weaken the muscles that support your breasts and potentially speed up the sagging process, but also increase the risk of getting breasts diseases.

Celebrities of Side Set Boobs

In this picture we can clearly see that Miley Cyrus's breasts are not as perky as herself. She have apparent side set boobs. She wear racerback sports bras to lift up and gather her boobs. In addition, the racerback sports bra helps her breast build a deep and wonderful cleavage and adding feminine charm.

When you noticed Kim Kardashian's big butt, you must paid attention to her breasts: big and beautiful. But it is not easy for a mother of four children to keep such breast shape. As you can see, she wears plunge bra to give the most efficient lift for her side set boobs.

Mariah Carey, the legendary American women who is famous for her Christmas song All I Want for Christmas is You, also needs to worry about side set boobs when she wear evening grown. In this picture, she wears invisible bras that gather her breast and make a deep and curvy cleavage.

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