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Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

If you're feeling like you have a red or itchy underboob, then you probably have an underboob rash. There are many different types of underboob rashes that can affect you, and it can be hard to determine what caused it and how to treat it. This article will help you identify the main causes of this condition and how to prevent it from returning.

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

What Can Cause An Underboob Rash?

1. Intertrigo

When your skin's folds lock in moisture, it produces intertrigo. It's a common condition that can appear as early as infancy. It can be found in various parts of the body, such as your armpits, butt, and fingers.

If you have intertrigo but not another type, you can determine if it's a red-brownish rash by looking for signs of itching or oozing.

2. Pregnancy

As your breasts and body grow, you may start noticing a rash-like appearance. Some of the conditions that can occur during this period include pregnancy-induced prurigo, intertrigo, and stretching of the skin.

Most of the time, these conditions will cause you to feel bumpy, dry, and itchy. Using a combination of creams and other treatments can help minimize these symptoms.

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

3. Breastfeeding

When your breasts are used continuously, especially when you're breastfeeding, you might develop atopic Dermatitis or Eczema. This condition can be triggered by the presence of moisture in your breasts, which can lead to a rash. To prevent it, make sure that your nipples are thoroughly clean.

4. Mastitis

The inflammation of breast tissue can result in an infection, and this condition can affect people of any sexual preference. It can also occur in current breastfeeding mothers.

This usually occurs due to bacteria or germs found in the mouth or on the skin of a baby. It can then enter the milk duct and cause an infection. People who frequently put pressure on their breasts, have sore nipples, or wear tight clothing are more prone to developing mastitis. Symptoms of this condition include fever, chills, swelling, and breast pain.

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

5. Heat Rash

If you're a fan of sports or gym-related activities, chances are that you have already experienced a heat rash. It's caused by skin-on-skin rubbing, which can lead to a red, bumpy, and raw-feeling surface. A similar condition known as 'chub rub' can also occur between thighs.

High humidity, heavy clothing, and fever can also lead to a heat rash. There are various products that can help alleviate this condition, such as steroid creams and lotions. You can also apply preventive products to keep the skin from developing heat rash.


The development of psoriasis is caused by the excessive growth of the skin's cells. Unlike normal skin cells, which can usually be shed off within a month, this condition makes the skin cells pile up and produce red patches. Although it's not a cure, treatment can help minimize the appearance of this condition.

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

7. Eczema

Unlike other underboob rash causes, Eczema is a chronic skin condition that affects people throughout their lives. It can cause dry and itchy skin, as well as foot and breast rashes. If you have this condition, your doctor may suggest a cream or gel to treat the symptoms.

8. Breast Cancer

Although breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US, there is a rare type of this disease called inflammatory breast cancer. This condition can occur when cancer cells multiply so fast that they can cause numerous symptoms.

Some of the common symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include a thickened skin, an inverted nipple, and redness over most of the breast. If you notice any of these conditions, it's important that you consult a doctor. Depending on the type of cancer and the treatment that's required, you may undergo surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

What Can You Do About A Rash Under The Breasts?

There are various skin conditions that can cause rashes, and they can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be hard to diagnose, especially when they appear suddenly. Although some of these rashes are harmless, there are also problematic ones.

1. Cold compress

Cold compress can relieve various skin conditions, such as burning and itching caused by the rashes under the breasts. For this, apply ice to a cotton towel and allow it to sit for around five to ten minutes.

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

2. Use calamine lotion

Using calamine lotion can help speed up the healing process and provide relief from itching under the breasts. It can also keep the area dry, which helps reduce the risk of infection.

3. Wear Anti-bacterial Matreial

One of the most effective ways to treat an underboob rash is by reducing the amount of sweat that collects around the area. To prevent the skin from becoming too wet, apply a thin piece of cotton over the affected region.

Best Bras To Get Rid Of Rash Under Your Breast

4. Wear Suitable Bras

A good choice for underboob rash is a bra made from lightweight materials such as spandex. It will keep the area feeling dry and will increase airflow.

5. Wear a well-fitted bra

When it comes to choosing a bra, make sure that it fits properly. You should also avoid touching the skin under your breasts and keeping your breasts against one another. A supportive bra made of a material that is breathable will do the trick.

Comfortable, Well-Fitting Bras Keep Rashes Away

If you are worried that a recurring rash might occur, or you don't want to deal with it in the first place, then a well-fitting bra is the best choice.

At Coobie, our products are made with a soft and lightweight material that will keep your breasts feeling comfortable and dry. There are various styles and designs of our bra that you can choose from, so you can get the ideal fit.

Coobie Comfort Bra 9060

Our seamless comfort bra is an ideal option for women who have experienced breast cancer and want to get rid of the uncomfortable rash under their breasts. The bra features a full-coverage soft cup and a wide-strap design that provides comfort and support.

Unlike bras with hardware or wires, it feels like a second skin, allowing you to wear it for extended periods without discomfort. Our wide-strap soft bra comes in four sizes and can be adjusted to fit most women perfectly, providing relief from the rash under your breast.

Coobie Lace Comfort Bra 9060-L

Who says comfort can't be stylish? Our soft wide strap bra not only offers a chic and feminine touch with its gorgeous lace detailing on the collar, straps, and band but also provides relief from the uncomfortable rash under your breast.

Its seamless design and extra wide straps offer maximum comfort and support, while the absence of hardware, wire, or tags ensures that it won't irritate or scratch your skin.

The full-coverage soft cups provide the perfect amount of support and shape, and the seamless design creates an ultra-flattering smooth silhouette that will help you get rid of the rash under your breast.

Coobie Invisible Scoop Wireless Bra 801

Say goodbye to uncomfortable rashes under your breast with our new invisible bra . Made of super stretchy and breathable material, it keeps you feeling cool and comfortable all day long.

The ultimate wide bra straps not only flatten your shoulders like a second skin but also provide the support you need. The bra features pad pockets that can perfectly fit post-mastectomy breast forms and prostheses, keeping them in the right place.

With its no-show design, this bra will help you get rid of the rash under your breast while providing you with the comfort and support you need. So come and shop our new invisible straps scoop wireless bra today!

Coobie Sports Bra 9124

Get the support you need and get rid of uncomfortable rashes under your breast with our Demi sports bra. Perfect for medium-impact activities, this seamless bra features extra-wide straps and a double-layer band that offers excellent support.

The comfort stretch material conforms to your body, providing that second-skin feeling that moves with you, while keeping you free from any rash under your breast.

The stylish and functional design includes duo stripe detailing on each side for an ultra-flattering appearance that will look great on its own or under your favorite workout top. So work out with confidence and comfort in our Demi sports bra today!

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