20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing

20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing
20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing

Maybe you have heard of crying cat, and used many crying cat memes, but do you know what is it and how it comes? Look at this funny article and have a relaxing time at the end of the week day.

Who is the First Crying Cat?

An anonymous Meme Generator user published the Crying Cat on June 11th, 2014 (shown below, left). As the background of the image and the ears and color of the cat are identical, the image is a photoshopped version of Serious Cat (shown below, right). Over 925 images have been generated by the image in the last four years.

Spread and Variation

In 2014, the image was first spotted on ask.fm by YoussefArafa88. It would later appear on the imageboard pr0gramm, and it became very popular within three years. The German origin of the image also led to it being referred to as 'Schmuserkadser'.

More images of the same image were posted to various websites, including 4chan, Reddit, and Facebook. The original idea was that the cat's eyes were photoshopped to make it look like it has been crying.

The Crying Cat is a very clever and unusual depiction of how arbitrary and out of context images can be. The idea is that the user might not understand why the cat is crying, and the way the image is positioned makes it seem like it is. Some versions of the joke have also included scenes where the cat is placed in an awkward or sad situation, while others have shown the animal being flipped off.

Crying Cat Memes

1. My Chrome: (Roaring) Help... I am DYING.... NO MORE TABS PLEASE....

2. Love, Love, Go Away, My Heart Break and Go Away.

3. Your Children Who Don't Like Eating Vegetables Be Like:
'Mom, Dad, no more vegetables.'

4. When I Take All Your Clothes Off and Stand on the Weighing Scale...

5. Staying Up and Cannot Sleep, I am Wide Awake But I Need to Go for Work Next Morning.

6. When Thanos (In Avengers 3) Made a Finger Snap, I know I can Lost at Least Half of My Weight ... Although It Will Lost Half of My Life.

7. When I Realized My Holiday Ends Tomorrow But I Waste My Time in Sleeping For the Whole Afternoon, and Now the Sky Went Dark.

8. You Scolded by Parents and Feel Very Depressed even It's Been a Day Since This Happened.

9. Me Every Morning:

10. When you are totally agree with someone's opinion, just use this memes:

11. When your gf or bf text you in a strange tone, you:

20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing

Source: reddit.com

12. Oops, something strange get in ....

20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing

Source: reddit.com

13. 'Me too, dude upstairs'

14. It's too dangerous to go out alone. Take this.
(Increase adventure difficulty level and proficiency)

20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing

15. 'You must stay up late for too many nights.'
'How do you know?'

16. Me at 200lbs trying to sit up and workout like Pamela:

20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing

Source: 99memes.co

17. A McDonald fan and the last French Fly:

18. Then I do the stuff, then I off the work, just like a walking dead.

20 Crying Cat Meme Worth Sharing

Source: me.me

19. 'You cried?'
'No, just catch a cold.'

20. Finally, you don't have to fight anymore.

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