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How to Be Hot Teens? (Healthily, I Promise)

How to Be Hot Teens? (Healthily, I Promise)
How to Be Hot Teens? (Healthily, I Promise)

As a teenage girl, may be you think what a guy likes in a girl may be slim body, big boobs, lifted butt, gorgeous face, and great hair. But there are something important for you to be a hot teen and get attractive at school.

If you want to start looking and feeling sexier as a teenager, you can begin by your facial and body hygiene and the way you present yourself. Then you can try to be more confident and outgoing, so that you can draw other attention by your outstanding confidence. However, these steps cannot be finished in one day. You need to preserve if you want to be a hot teenagers.

First, you can find you personal style to look different but not abnormal.

I doesn't mean you need to get tattoo or piercing all round your body. What I mean is that you look some magazines and fashion websites to get a better understanding about fashion celebrities you like the most. Then, keep them in mind, and the next time you go shopping on the mall or on the internet, you can choose the clothes that is matched to your prefer styles. If the style suit you the most, you will be a hot teen rapidly. In addition, you can wear accessories to tone up your style. Your can pick accessories that match your clothing style. However, don't wear too much. Because they will overwhelm your look.

Second, you can wear clothes that either too big or too small.

No matter what your style is and what skin tone you are, one thing to remember is that if you want to be hot, you would better wear the clothes just fit your body neatly, neither two big nor two small. You will look and feel uncomfortable when you wear clothes that are too tight. If you wear the clothes that is to big, you curve and figure will be hided. (However, if you are chubby girl, you can try to wear bigger clothes to hide your line and make you look slimmer).

Third, when you choose clothes, remember choosing colors that match your skin tone.

Remember not all style suits everyone and not color suit all. Before choosing the colors of your clothes, you need to take your skin into consideration. If you don't know whether you are warm, cool or natural skin tone. You can look at the veins under the skin on your wrist. If they look blue or purple, your skin tone is cool. If your veins look green, your skin tone is warm. If they are purple, your skin tone is neutral. If you are a warm skin tone, you can wear clothes of earth tines and warm shades. If your skin tone is cool, you can wear cool neturals such as white and grey. If your skin tone is neutral, you can wear clothes most kinds of colors.

How to Be Hot Teens? (Healthily, I Promise)

Do some face cleansing twice a day.

It is important for you to keep your skin soft and healthy if you want to be a hot teen. Wash you face and use moisturizing face wash twice a day.

There are few steps you can clean your face in a good and efficient way.

1. work the cleanser into a lather.
2. Massage it into your face in a circular motion.
3. Rinse your face thoroughly and pat it dry.
4. Apply a lightweight facial moisturizer.

Apply natural makeup for school Sometimes an easy, natural make up will not only even look out your complexion but also make your features pop without looking like you are wearing makeup.

You can apply a natural-looking face makeup such a lightweight foundation which can even out your skin and cover mild discolorations. In addition, you can use a little concealer to cover up blemishes and discolorations. For getting your skin less oily, you can brush some powder on the face. Finally, you can use a sheer, nude lipstick to brighten your lips and make them look attractive.

How to Be Hot Teens? (Healthily, I Promise)


First you need to be confident. If you don't feel confident, you can pretend to be confident, if you act confidence in many times, you will don't feel that way. You can act this by standing with your back straight,. When you talk to someone, you can speak in a clear steady voice. If you are making a discussion or a presentation, you can take a few second to consider the words you are going to say so that you can speak with logic.

Be kind to others. Being a hot teen doesn't means that you need to bully someone and alienate someone. This is not cool. Instead, what you need to do is not to gossiping or talking bad about other people and be friendly to people who might have less friends. If some one need help, go and help him or her if you can.

Take part in after school activities.

A hot teenager means an energetic and confident teen. If you can, you can join some out school activities, such as sports, instruments or activities you are interested in. Don't cooped yourself in your room and playing mobile phone all the time. You can make many good friends with the same interest in these after school activities and become a popular teen.

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