All the Things You Know before You Get Butt Tattoos

All the Things You Know before You Get Butt Tattoos

There are many places that you can choose for your first or the next place to get a tattoo, but one of the best parts is your butts because you can enjoy the beauty of a big tattoo without undertaking more pain.

Butt tattoos cannot be seen by everyone, and it is your delicate secret and your best sexual appeal. Many celebrities such as Cardi B and Halsey decided to get butt tattoos to decorate their big booties. If you are admired and would like to do the same, we can recommend you some specific and popular types of butt tattoos. In addition, if you are a person who gets a tattoo for the first time, you can read our guidelines to better prepare and care for your new tattoos.

Typical Kinds of Tattoos Patterns

Rose butt Tattoo is the most popular choice among American women who want to get their first tattoo. Rose is the representation of love, beauty, and elegance. Believe me or not, the rose tattoo always looks fantastic on your body no matter whether get it as your first tattoo or just add it to one of your previous tattoos.

Snake butt tattoos are also one of the most popular choices, although they need more skin and are more painful. There are a variety kinds of snake butt tattoos that is suitable for any kind of style and people. In addition, it can be attached to any place of your body, such as the butt, or waist, and suit many tastes of every woman or man.

Dragon butt tattoos used to be more popular among men, but recently, many women found that dragon tattoos are attractive, elegant, and cool, and more and more women started to try dragon butt tattoos. The reason why they put the dragon on their butts is the same: it needs more skin, but the butt has stick fat that can reduce pain from needles.

All the Things You Know before You Get Butt Tattoos

Unlike dragon tattoos, butterfly butt tattoos are much more popular among women, because butterflies represent pleasure, freedom, and transformation. If you combine butterfly butt tattoos with rose tattoos, you can create a beautiful and coherent painting on your butt, which will enhance your charm, elegance, and your sex appeal.

Moon butt tattoos are also chosen by most women because the moon represents soul, tenderness, and feminine emblem. A moon tattoo symbolizes the changes in the period. The full moon is innovation and transformation but the waning moon is introspection and perfectness. Some other women will choose the sun or rainbow to replace the moon as their butt tattoos.

Celebrities who get butt tattoos

All the Things You Know before You Get Butt Tattoos, Celebrities who get butt tattoos, The rapper Cardi B has a colorful peacock butt tattoo on her right butt.

The rapper Cardi B has a colorful peacock butt tattoo on her right butt. (source:

All the Things You Know before You Get Butt Tattoos, Celebrities who get butt tattoos, The singer Rihanna, has the word lover in Tibetan on her butt.

The singer Rihanna, has the word lover in Tibetan on her butt. (source:

Things Need to Know Before, During, and After Butt Tattoos

Although getting butt tattoos is a pleasant experience, the thing you need to remember is that the process of getting a tattoo may be painful, and the tattoo will permanently stick to your skin. Whether this is the first time or the tenth time you get a butt tattoo, there is something that you need to pay attention to and remember.

Before you talk with your artist and confirm what you want to tattoo, make sure your artist and the shop have proper licensing, and the hygiene and health habits of the shop are best. In addition, make sure your to-be artist offer consultations in the whole process of tattooing and caring for a tattoo.

After the things above are ensured, congratulations, you can talk with your artists about your design and expectations, and then confirm the final design with your artist and confirm the date you get this butt tattoo.

One day before a tattoo, please don't drink alcohol. In addition, medicine that can thin your blood is also forbidden. If you should take some medicine, please tell your artist and confirm whether this kind of medicine can be eaten or not.

On the day you got a tattoo, what you are advised to wear is some clothes that will keep the area you want to get tattoos exposed. If you want to get butt tattoos, you can wear pants that you can slip in and out of. In addition, you need to show up before 10 minutes to ensure everything is alright. Then you can listen to your tattoo artist and enjoy the whole tattooing process.

After your artist finished the tattoo, they will clean the tattooed area, wrap it up and tell you the detail of how to take good care of your new tattoo. Don't forget to leave a tip before you leave the tattoo store.

All the Things You Know before You Get Butt Tattoos

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is important because the artist inserts the link underneath your skin with a needle, and this process will bleed. If you failed to take good care of your new tattoo, you will leave yourself infected and scarred. You need to take good care of your new tattoo as soon as your artist finishes the tattoo.

First, as soon as it is finished and cleansed, your artist will apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment over your tattoo and cover the area in a bandage or plastic wrap. This process is to prevent your tattoo from being infected by bacteria and being rubbed by your clothes and getting irritated. The thing you need to do is to keep the ointment and plastic wrap for hours until your artist let you remove them.

After removing the plastic wrap, wash your hands with water and soap, and wash your tattoo gently with warm water and fragrance-free soap. Then apply a little fragrance and alcohol-free ointment to the tattoo.

The next day after you get your new tattoo, you can see it more colorful and apparent. Continue washing your tattoo once or twice a day, and apply ointment to it. Several days later you will find the redness on the skin started to fade.

You will feel it itchy, but you can not pick it or scratch it, because it will cause a new scar and slower the healing process. Then keep this process until it heals completely. If you have any questions or circumstances, contact your artists or go to the hospital in time.

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