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Sexy E Girl, a New Trend for the Youth

Sexy E Girl, a New Trend for the Youth
Sexy E Girl, a New Trend for the Youth

E-girls are a youth subculture that emerged in the late 2010s and were popularized by the video-sharing app Tiktok. This is a population of emo, scene, and Gothic fashion combined with Japanese and K-pop fashion. The videos they posted on the internet are mostly seductive and sexual. Also, they roll their eyes and protrude their tongues to imitate climaxing when taking photos or videos.

What are sexy E girls?

E-girl is traced from “electric girl” and was firstly used in the late 2000s, as an objectifying pejorative against women perceived as seeking out male attention online. The earliest e-girls appear on Tumblr, with the emergence of the earlier emo and scene cultures.

Some journalists and press in the media industry trace the origins of e-girls to the 2000s when they emerged from Japanese street fashion, such as anime, kawaii, and lolita fashion styles. In America and Europe, Avril Lavigne was regarded as the earliest e girl because of her unique styles of alternative, fashion.

In addition, some other stars are regarded as e girls such as Harley Quinn, Sailor Moon, and so on. Several years later, that is, the late-2010s, the popularity of Lil Peep influenced the beginning of this subculture, with the New York Post describing him as 'the patron musical saint of e-land'.

According to the Brown Daily Herald, this is the transformation of ideal male attractiveness from masculine and strong to shyness and emotional vulnerability and the transformation of ideal female shyness to seductiveness and sexiness. To the 2020s, this subculture continued to grow in a fast trend.

More and more celebrities started to follow the sexy e-girl makeup and e-girl style including American socialite Kylie Jenner and Kosovar-English singer Dua Lipa. According to many fashion and celebrity magazine, e-girls plays an important part in the popularity and resurgence of pop punk culture in the 2020s.

Sexy E Girl, a New Trend for the Youth

What are E girls look like? How to Dress like a Sexy E Girl?

Understanding what e girls look like is of great importance in understanding this young and cool group. They are characterized by winged eyeliner, heavy eye makeup, childlike quality, and colored hair.

Now let's start from their head. These e girls' hair doesn't stay the same color for a long time. They like changing their hair color frequently because they think that is cool. The color they will dye is not the typical brown, yellow, or so on, but some rare, fancy, and attractive colors like pink, purple, green, or so on. In addition, there is typically not only one color in their hair. Instead, they will match different colors on their head to show coolness and punk.

In addition to dyed hair, nose ring and designs on the face made with eyeliner are also important for these e girls. They often draw designs like flowers, hearts, or other images on their cheeks, forehead, or other parts of the face with eyeliner.

For these young and adventurous girls, from black striped long-sleeve shirts to sharp winged eyeliner and oversized band shirts, there are plenty of ways to carve their unique look.

The plaid skirt is one of the musts in these e girls' closets. Typically, the plaid skirt is matched with a cute crop top and sneakers or an oversize t-shirt and sneakers. Black and grey or black and pink will be the most popular color among e girls. If it is getting cold, they will try to combine a long sleeve shirt with a striped jumper or a turtleneck and oversize tops. As for pants and shoes, they typically choose high-waisted mom jeans and sneakers to show both coolness and cuteness.

One of the attachments that e girls love most is colorful hair clips because they are representative of cuteness and childlike. When they are decorating their haircut, they will clip them on the braids. In addition, you can choose hair clips of different colors and styles according to the color of your head and the clothing style you are in today.

Another attachment that shows some gothic coolness and coldness is chocker. Chocker used to be popular in the 1990s with the emergence of rock bands such as My Chemical Romance, but it is e girls who reemerge these cool iron. If you don't be an appearance e girl, you can choose the skinny and subtle necklace, which is smaller than a chain and choker made with studded leather. You can match these simple but striking attachments with a low-cut camisole or a mesh shirt.

Sexy E Girl, a New Trend for the Youth

Match a crop top with a chain belt to become more like a sexy e girl. For taking your style game to a higher level you can attach a single piece of metal and combine the elements mentioned above. It is the perfect match for high-waisted cargo pants, a plaid skirt, or oversized jeans. This is the perfect combo of metallic touches.


E-girl is a popular trend in the 2000s and from the Kpop subculture. E girls are a mixture of doll-like anime aesthetics with darker styles. Now it is common on the internet and draws many celebrities' attention. It is slowly becoming a new kind of fashion.

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