How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin
How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin

We often admire hot moms who can still retain firmness on the face, arms, necks, and other body parts and lose confidence about our own skin condition. But with some tips and tricks, you can keep your skin firmer than what they are now. Here is the ultimate guide for you to try to battle gravity and age.

1. Take Supplements

The first and fastest method to tackling sagging skin is to take supplements. According to the women's health and beauty website, there is some specific cheap and efficient supplement to help you slow the sagging of skin such as vitamin C, collagen, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Take Supplements

2. Drink More Water

Keep your body hydrated. According to many healing experts and websites, it is essential for women to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. It not only helps the body run in a more efficient and healthier way but also keeps your skin moisturized, which means that your skins are less likely to be dried.

Your skin will be got more elasticity when it is full of water. The most elastic they are, the healthier and younger they are and the fewer lines are shown. There is less sagging presenting on your body parts. For drinking more water, you can drink one cup as soon as you wake up.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Drink More Water

3. Use Alor Vera

Alor Vera Gel is also a good way to tighten your sagging skin. Maybe you have heard from other health websites or health articles that aloe vera can be regarded as a topical gel to treat sunburn. However, it is beneficial to your skin, dental, oral, and digestive health. In addition, it can help your body better control your blood sugar.

For skin care, you can use it to keep your skin clear and moisturized. Alor vera lives in harsh conditions which made it store water in its leaves. Combined with unique plant compounds called complex carbohydrates, these water-dense leaves are effective face moisturizers and pain relievers.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Use Alor Vera

4. Roll Your Skin with a Jade Rollers

If you use aloe vera gel on your skin, why not use a jade roller on the face to help the water on the skin to go deeper into your pores? In this way, serums and the like can be made more potent. The more potent the product, the more effective it is. Thus, the skin may be kept from sagging.

In addition, these jade rollers can stimulate lymphatic drainage. According to research and questionnaires, when you use jade rollers to roll your face after you apply some products to your face, the toxin on the face will be brought to the lymph nodes, and then the lymph cleans itself again by letting the bacteria into the body and circulate it. The more this circulation is, the smoother and less saggy your skins are.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Roll Your Skin with a Jade Rollers

5. Do More Exercise

nother free way to get your skin less saggy is to do more exercise. However, doing cardio exercise only do nothing to tighten your saggy skin. Instead, according to some authorized health websites, lifting weights will help you make your skin tighter and smoother.

When you lose weight, there is more space where the fat once was spare. Therefore, your skin will become sagging because of gravity. When you lift weights, you produce more muscles, and it is the muscles that filled those spaces again. When the spaces are filled with muscles, you will get less sagging and tighter skins.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Do More Exercise

6. Eating in a Healthy Diet

In addition to correct and enough exercise, eating a healthy diet is of great importance. There are many vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to aid with the aging process. The more kinds of fruits and vegetables you eat in your meals, the more kinds of vitamins and minerals you can take in and they can be released into your body system.

The most important nutrition for your saggy skin is collagen. When you take in more collagen, your skin will be younger and tighter, and the less sagging it will have. You can consume more citrus and leafy greens to take in more vitamin C, which plays an important part in taking in more collagen.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Eating in a Healthy Diet

7. Losing Weight

Although losing weight is tough, it is still a good way to tighten your sagging skin. When your body carries more weight than it can carry, the collagen fibers in the skin will be stretched because of excess weight, which can cause the skin to become more and more sagging because of gravity and the excessive fat which is already stored in your body.

However, excessive weight loss by losing body weight. As a result, when this process happens and goes on, the skins will be less sagging and tighter and tighter.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Losing Weight

8. Use Some Cosmetic Products

Use some products to relieve your skin from age and damage. In addition to these ways above, if you want to tighten your skins in a faster way, you can use some creams and lotions. The different kinds of creams and lotions have different effects on the skin, but all of them can reduce the skin's sagginess.

Choosing some skin tightening creams can somewhat tighten up your saggy areas. Apart from getting rid of the skin sagging, they can help to firm the skin and give you a youthful appearance as a result.

How Hot Moms Dealing With Their Sagging Skin —— Use Some Cosmetic Products


From preventing premature aging to giving you plumper, younger-looking skin, these steps can make your skin tighter in a faster way. Try to do these steps and your skin will thank you.

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