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7 Tips to be a Sexy Wife(or Husband) Again

7 Tips to be a Sexy Wife(or Husband) Again
7 Tips to be a Sexy Wife or Husband Again

Marriage is not a license to get people comfortable and take everything to granted. Marriage is also not the reason for your sex life and sexy undies hide into the drawer and never wear them again. It's time for you to learn how to be a sexy wife and keep thing naughtier than before.

Why Do You Feel Your Marriage Become Boring?

Many people thinks that marriage makes their husband or wife and their sex life a routine. When you sleep together with your husband or wife every day and night, sometimes you will feel boring and feel that there is no passion and imagination in your marriage, especially when you have children, which makes your sex life more difficult. The key that makes you and your husband or wife feel boring is the repetitiveness of your life.

How to Get Rid of Monotony of Married Life and Be a Sexy Wife?

1. Throw Away Your Mom Pajamas

After you get married, especially you have children, the clothes you often wear are sloppy granny pajamas. Throw them away and choose the delicate, sexy one for you. You can start from a form fitting tank top and a pair of lace panties. If you like wearing pants at home, you can try a shaper legging to show your leg and butt line, which will excite your husband or wife like the time before you get married.

7 Tips to be a Sexy Wife or Husband Again

2. Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is the key factor of a happy marriage and the things that lets your another half knwo they are wanted and loved. If you don't know how to be sexier and light up the passion between you two, you can try to interact with more enthusiasm and let him or her know he or she is the one you want to be with, and he or she is the person you want.

3. Talk about Likes and Dislikes Each Other

Although you know what he or she like long before you get marries, but are you sure to know exactly if he or she still like or dislike these things? Knowing one's likes or dislikes is important because they will delighted by being cared and remembered. To find out what your and his or her likes or dislikes, you can sit down and have a talk, which is beneficial for both of you and knowing likes and dislikes will lead to a much more fulfilling romantic relationship.

4. Send Each Other a Sexy Text

Whether you are natural or embarrassing about sending something with sexual suggestion or your sending your nude picture or your picture wearing the sexiest lingerie, just send it! This is going to make your loved one, and you when he or she text back, feel loved, wanted and naturally start a filthy conversation that is going to increase both of your sex life from the beginning of the day.

In addition, if you are really, really fell embarrassed about sending your intimate photo to his or her mobile phone, you can talk dirty words face to face, or ear to ear. Just try to overboard, and don't worry about what you are going to say and what you are going to do, just enjoy it.

7 Tips to be a Sexy Wife or Husband Again

5. Throw away Your Family and Value Yourself

I don't mean that you divorce and really throw away your family... I mean you can have your own right to pursue your own selfish happiness and give your self some time. You can go shopping, reading, doing yoga or just meet you friends who you have not contact for a long time since you get married and give birth to a child.

When you love your self more, you have more confidence in speaking up in your marriage and help both of you make the relationship softer and more natural. That's a win-win tactic. Even if you have a child and you may lose freedom for one year or two.

However, it doesn't mean you should depend on others for your own happiness. You will feel better in staying with you loves after loving yourself.

6. Try Something New When You are Having Sex

Try something new, though it doesn't mean that you need to go completely crazy. However, it's important to bring something to your sexual adventure that's normally there. For instance, if you're planning on having a romantic rendezvous, bring something that's usually there, such as candles, music, and perfume. Surprise your partner with something that's going to keep them feeling fresh and exciting.

7. Communicate Honestly and Openly

Communication is the best way to nip the problems in the bud.You can speak up your resentment when you feel angry for the first time. You can openly talk about all the responsibilities involved in your marriage life and parenting. You can also write them down on the paper or a blackboard when you have some private time together and figure out how to fairly divide them up. It is best to have a division of labor.

7 Tips to be a Sexy Wife or Husband Again

Follow these simple tips and you'll be able to keep your partner interested in you for a long time. He or she will want to talk to you all day long if you're genuinely interested in being yourself.

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