Tips & Tricks For Sticky Bras

Tips & Tricks For Sticky Bras
Tips & Tricks For Sticky Bras

Due to the high number of adhesive bra options in the US, it can be hard to decide if you should try one or not. We understand that it can be frustrating for first-time users or those who are just experimenting.

While going braless can be liberating, it can also be very uncomfortable. With no support under your clothes, you're prone to getting a nip slip. This is why we created a reusable backless bra that's designed to provide the necessary support without the need for any flashing.

Unlike lift, adhesive bra offers coverage and shaping. This makes them ideal for women with small to medium cup sizes. With the help of Coobie's innovative technology and thoughtful design, fuller women can now enjoy the benefits associated with a backless bra.

Most adhesive bra sizes in the US are based on the cup size. Due to the varying band sizes, this type of bra has to be adjusted to accommodate different body shapes. The regular kind of bra is made of silicone.

Tips & Tricks For Sticky Bras

How Do Sticky Bra Works?

In the US, adhesive bra is a new type of garment that most women are not familiar with. Nubra, the company that made this product, introduced it in 2002.

The term adhesive bra is an interchangeable term used to refer to various types of bra, such as a stick-on bra, a self-adhesive bra, and a sticky bra. The reason why the term adhesive is important is that these kinds of bra have an adhesive lining that's designed to stick to the chest.

Unlike other types of bra, the adhesive ones are usually made of transparent materials. They're also comfortable to wear because they don't have straps that are attached to the back or shoulder.

Most women have clothing that they can't easily match with a bra, like spaghetti, off-shoulder, low cut, and halter. With the right adhesive bra, they can wear any outfit.

Tips & Tricks For Sticky Bras

Tips on Choosing Adhesive Bras for Yourself

Type of Sticky Bra

There are many types of adhesive bras on the market, and it is important to choose the one that fits you best. Some of these include push-up and backless styles, as well as underwire and adhesive pasties.

Features of Sticky Bra

Before you start choosing an adhesive bra, it's important that you know the type of bra that you're looking for. Although all types of adhesive bras come with backless and strapless features, the characteristics of each one vary.

Color of Sticky Bra

Most adhesive bra brands come in various conventional colors. Some of these include nude, pink, and pale pink. You can also choose from white, black, and printed designs. Since there are so many options, it's important to select the one that fits your personal style. For instance, if you're planning on wearing a dark cored dress, choosing black would be ideal.

Low Cut of Sticky Bra

Although most adhesive bra designs are made to show cleavage, some have a lower cut. Before you buy one with a low cut, it's important to think about the clothes that you're planning on wearing.

Clasp of Sticky Bra

One of the most common types of adhesive bra designs involves attaching cups to the bottom of the bust using a secure link. This allows women to show off their cleavage while wearing the bra.

Size of Sticky Bra

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a bra is its cup size. Most adhesive models come in various cup sizes, though some offer a size chart based on the standard band and cup size.This guide will help you choose the best adhesive bra for your body. It will also tell you about the various features of this type of bra and how it fits.

Benefits of Sticky Bra

The advantages of using a sticky bra are its soft and flexible properties and its ability to stick on your breasts. This type of bra is skin-friendly and can stay on for a long time.

The most common issue that women encounter when it comes to using a normal bra is the visible straps. This is a common problem that many women face all across the world. With the use of a sticky bra, the straps are not visible, and it allows you to flaunt your body in any dress effortlessly.

When using a regular bra, the straps might poke your skin or even leave marks. With a sticky bra, you can remove the straps and focus on the breast area.

Tips & Tricks For Sticky Bras

When wearing a bra with straps, your entire back and breast weight will fall on your shoulders. This can affect your posture and cause back and shoulder pain. With a sticky bra instead, you can avoid this issue by keeping the entire weight on your breasts.

Compared to regular bra, sticky bras offer a lift. They help lift the breasts and give them an enhanced look. If you want to have a fuller and bigger appearance, then you should use a sticky bra.

When it comes to flaunting your cleavage in a low neck dress, you should always ensure that you have a matching sticky bra. This type of bra works seamlessly with any dress to create the ideal cleavage.

Tips & Tricks For Sticky Bras

3 Types of Sticky Bras That Every Woman Should Own

There are various types of sticky bras, and they come in different sizes and patterns. We have listed down three that can work well with almost any dress.

Sticky Push-Up Bra

If you are a fan of wearing push-up bras all day long, then you should consider trying out the sticky push-up bra for low back or backless dresses. These are great for enhancing your bust and making it look fuller. Unlike regular bra straps, these are not visible.

Sticky Plunge Bra

Although the plunge bra can be a great companion for low neck dresses, the lack of straps makes this type of bra more advantageous. It provides a deep cleavage and can be flaunted in both backless and plunging styles.

Nipple Covers

If you are not fond of wearing a bra but still want to hide the shape of your nipples, then a nipple cover is a great alternative. These are usually used to conceal your nipples and provide a natural and seamless look. They have adhesive properties that stick to the skin and allow them to stay on.

How to Properly Use Your Sticky bras?

For best results, apply it to skin that is not sunburned, damaged, or broken, If you're worried that you might have an allergic reaction, try a patch test before you apply it. Since it's not as thick as some other products, it will be easier to remove it. However, if you use powders or moisturizers before you apply it, it might be hard to adhere it to your skin.

If you're worried that the adhesive might come loose, try avoiding using them or setting them in a place where you won't sweat a lot. Before you apply anything, make sure that it's thoroughly clean and dry.

Alcohol can help remove dirt and oils. If you're having a hard time getting the product off, try taking a bath or a hot shower. If there's still a sticky residue on your skin, try using some baby oil and cotton wool to get rid of it. However, these products might be more harmful to your skin.

How to Wash and Take Care of Your Sticky Bras?

You should always clean your bra after wearing it. Doing so will prolong its life. Washing it in the machine is not recommended either.

Hot water should be poured over the adhesive side of the bra to clean it.

Use a soft cloth to apply the liquid soap on the adhesive. Do not use fingernails as this can harm it.

After all the oil and dirt have been removed, wash it in hot water and air dry in the sun for about 4 to 5 hours.

One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to prolonging the life of your bra is keeping the adhesive dust-free. This can be done by using a plastic cup and bag.

The longevity of your stick-on bra depends on how well it's maintained. It can last for about 30 to 40 times if it's well-cared for, but it can eventually lose its tackiness.

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