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What are Seamless Bras? The Next Best Thing to Braless or ''No Bra''.

What are Seamless Bras? The Next Best Thing to Braless

Taking off an uncomfortable bra at the end of the day can feel like winning the lottery. Finally, freedom! But no matter how much you loathe Mother Nature for “blessing” your chest, you might need a bra more than you realize. That's why we made a better option than your standard underwire bra. Meet the original seamless bra by Coobie — the best thing your boobs will feel all day.

What is a Seamless Bra?

A seamless bra features a one-piece construction, offering you a smoother profile and better comfort. There are no seams to show through your clothing, no lines to dig into your skin, and no falling apart from wear and tear.

The single piece trades the hook-and-eye closure for more stretchy, form-fitting fabric. Flaccid cups are replaced by molded ones that conform to the wearer's body. The necklines more closely resemble those of tops and blouses rather than bikinis, keeping your breasts in place and behind “closed doors.” Seamless bras stay in place, and with no wires or thick seams to poke you, your boobs can be as comfortable as the rest of your body, all day long.

What are Seamless Bras? The Next Best Thing to Braless

How Can a Bra Be Seamless?

Typically, bras are a combination of several pieces (the straps, the band, and the cups) that have been sewn together to create a single garment.

The secret to the seamless bra is how it's sewn: Using a single piece of fabric, circular sewing machines create a full 360 degree effect. It's the next best thing to going braless without giving up the modesty and support a bra provides.

How Coobie Seamless Bras are Revolutionizing Comfort?

Coobie's seamless bras are usually made of aaah-inducing fabrics. We discovered the perfect formula of spandex and nylon over the years to strike the best balance between elasticity and support. This unique blend feel soothing to the skin, almost like giving your girls their own little cloud pillow to rest on as you move through your day. They also feature other thoughtful details:

Comfortable Cups

Molded cups are one of the defining features of the seamless bra. Traditional bras have cups, too, but the technology they use do very little to separate your boobs. If you've ever looked in the mirror and noticed a compressed mono-boob look, you know what we're talking about.

Molded cups are different. When the seamless bra comes off the circular sewing machine, the cups are heat-pressed to a specific depth to create two distinct cups. Your breasts fit neatly into the cups and stay separate, which also helps to support them properly. It's like having a made-for-you bra without the custom price tag.

Coobie bras also include a high-tech no-sweat sponge cup, unlike other brands. They're removable for easy washing and adjusting so you're never stuck with the obvious hot dog-rolled padding that other bras have. Stay shapely, dry, airy, and comfortable, even during the summer.

Stronger Straps

Coobie seamless bras also prioritize comfort when it comes to the straps. Bra straps tend to dig into your skin, which can force you to constantly tug at the straps to find a better fit. Our seamless bras use a double stitch to provide 3x the support. They have a little less stretch to them so that they stay in place and don't give in to the weight of your breasts. This keeps the girls right where they belong and avoid that heavy feeling you get when you wear your bra all day.

Less Metal

And let's not forget what seamless bras don't have: underwire! Underwire was added to traditional bras as a way to contour to your breast's natural shape and support the entire breast. But anyone who has ever worn a bra knows that they're really just nuisances that don't feel comfortable and pop out of the fabric way too easily. That's one reason why most women have to replace their bras every few months .

Seamless bras let you ditch the underwire and all the discomfort that comes with it without sacrificing any chest support.

What are Seamless Bras? The Next Best Thing to Braless

When to Wear a Seamless Bra?

Is there ever a time when you don't want to feel comfortable? Of course not! That's why many women who try a seamless bra often make it their go-to for everyday wear.

No matter your preference, there are times when a seamless bra makes a better choice than a seamed bra. Outfits with thin clothing love seamless bras because they're more form fitting and make your body look smoother. You won't see the lumps and bumps of your bra when you're wearing thin material, white fabric, or T-shirts, for example.

They're ideal for lounging around the house, working from home, doing housework, or taking a walk. If you're having company, slip on a seamless bra for comfort while feeling supported and covered. If you're breastfeeding, a seamless bra can feel like heaven to your sore, tired boobs that are working overtime. Got a Zoom meeting? Seamless bras give you the appearance of being “put together” when you're actually chilling in your most comfiest clothes.

How and when you wear your bra is up to you. But the more you wear a seamless bra, the more reasons you'll find for not wanting to take it off!

Finding Your Fit with a Coobie Seamless Bra

As with any type of bra shopping, you'll want to look for a few characteristics when finding a seamless fit. Consider this your rapid-fire seamless bra buying guide, straight from Coobie:

Product Quality

Quality products last longer, plain and simple. That's why Coobie bras are made to get your money's worth. We have the privilege of being an international wholesaler for 16 years and counting, as well as our own factories and quality control processes. No bra leaves our factory if it doesn't live up to Coobie standards.


You get what you pay for. This is true when it comes to hair dye, cars, and yes, seamless bras. It's tempting to be lured into buying a less expensive bra, but those bras typically won't last as long or feel as comfortable or supportive as a higher-end option like Coobie. That said, Coobie is an affordable option that isn't the cheapest of the cheap but also won't break the bank. A quality seamless bra will usually cost anywhere from $20 to $30 or more. We can afford to keep our prices in this range because we own our factories and conduct our own quality control. In turn, this reduces waste and allows us to pass our savings onto you.


Just like traditional bras, seamless bras come in varying sizes. However, the sizing process is a little different. There are fewer sizes because our seamless bras are very stretchy and therefore able to adapt to many sizes. That's a huge headache you don't have to deal with when you shop Coobie.

At Coobie, we've simplified our size charts to include just three options: one size, full size, and XL. One-size accommodates most cups 28A-36DD. Full size and XL options are available for those who are more “blessed in the chest.” Make sure you check the sizing guide before you purchase.

Shop Coobie's Signature Seamless Bras!

Ready to make the switch? Treat your boobs to Coobie's signature collection of seamless bras . Say hello to a new kind of comfort.

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