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The Alternatives to Underwire Bras - Understanding Your Options

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Underwire bras have gotten such a bad rap in the industry. Even though there are myths that have been debunked specifically concerning the health risks associated with them, a lot of women prefer an alternative to underwire bra, especially for everyday use. If you want to take this route, as well, you can take refuge in the fact that there are plenty of options in the market.

Why Choose an Alternative to an Underwire Bra?

Nobody likes to wear uncomfortable bras: that's a fact. Underwire bras are a good example of this.

While the addition of a wired structure on the cup of the bra is meant for support, it can poke or pinch at your skin over time. This has resulted in many complaints about this type of bra being uncomfortable and women seeking alternatives.

Although there is lack of evidence that points to the health concerns linked with underwire bras, the need to find a more comfortable bra is enough reason to choose alternatives. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives in the market to choose from.

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Top 8 Options: Alternative to Underwire Bra

You do not need to choose between comfort and support, especially if you have larger breasts. You can get both when you choose any of the options listed as an alternative to an underwire bra.

1. Wireless Bra

This is the first and most obvious alternative for women who don't like to wear underwire bras. If you need maximum support, a wireless bra is a good option because it offers more benefits than wired bras can.

It features seamless and smooth cups so you won't have to deal with pinching or poking on your skin. It is also extremely comfortable so you won't have to deal with the pain in order to get support.

The best part about wireless bras is that you can use it for lounging at home or for everyday use.

2. Bralette

A bralette is another excellent option if you want other options aside from underwire bras. You have two styles to choose from: scoop or triangle bralette. The decision between the two is based on style or preference. The triangle bralette is a good option if you are wearing a low-cut top while a scoop bralette is perfect for daily wear such as during workouts or casual styles.

Bralettes are growing in popularity because they are extremely comfortable and designed for flexibility. Thus, you can get a slight lift without a good amount of support. Since it does not have a wire structure on the cups, it won't cause any pain at all.

When buying a bralette, make sure to choose ones made with a soft and smooth fabric with lots of flexibility.

3. Bandeau

If you do not need a lot of support, you can opt for a bandeau instead of underwired bras. If you like wearing strapless bras, then this is another reason to choose a bandeau.

This is a strip of fabric (typically nylon or cotton) that is designed with a band on the top and bottom. It is designed to keep the bandeau in place even with constant movement. It is also a wireless bra, so it is comfortable as long as you get the right fit.

However, if you have larger breasts, it is not as supportive. But it is the ideal solution if you are wearing a strapless top or dress.

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4. Bodysuit

This is another alternative to an underwire bra that gives medium support. A bodysuit is a one-piece garment that can be worn instead of a bra. Some women like to wear a bra underneath it, but you can definitely do without one.

There are several types of materials used for making bodysuits, but silk is one of the most popular ones. You can wear it under a dress or top and jeans (or skirt).

5. Adhesive Bra

If you do not need a lot of support, an adhesive bra is a great option as an underwire bra alternative. This is one of the few options in the market that can help define your shape and give some lift.

An adhesive bra is highly recommended for deep V-neck outfits or strapless dresses (or backless dresses). This is great when you do not want to show off your bra without having to think about maximum coverage or support.

6. Nipple Covers or Boob Tape

These are two different types of products, but their functions are the same. As the name implies, a nipple cover is designed to cover your nipple area alone. It is made of an invisible material that is practically pasted onto your skin. It is lightweight and easy to use. The material is also designed to be similar to the natural skin tone to provide barely-there coverage.

+Boob tape is designed to serve the same purpose as nipple covers. However, this one delivers more lift and support for your breasts. You can also choose from a variety of shades to find ones that match your natural skin tone.

Both of these bra alternatives are recommended if you are wearing plunge and backless dresses. Some women even wear them under their bathing suits.

7. Sports Bra

A sports bra is designed for women who like to engage in lots of physical activities. Because of the purpose of this type of bra, you can expect maximum support and coverage with this bra. They are also designed for maximum comfort to improve sports performance. There are plenty of brands that manufacture sports bras, so you have lots to choose from.

Sports bras are ideal not just for engaging in sports activities. You can use them for jogging, running, or in the gym, but they're also great for everyday activities.

8. Seamless Bra

A seamless bra is an extremely versatile type of bra. It vanishes under your clothes while providing you a good profile. Made with a single piece of fabric, it offers a good stretch without being too tight (as long as you get the sizing right!). Most seamless bras are designed with molded cups to get maximum support for women with larger busts. They are also available in a wide array of styles that make them the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

In addition to these 8 alternatives, you can also choose to go braless. However, this option is not open to all women, especially plus-sized women that need additional support and coverage.

As you can see, there are plenty of substitutes on the market if you find underwire bras uncomfortable. With the options listed above, you won't have to sacrifice comfort or support, so you feel more confident with what you are wearing.

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