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The Best Asian Massage Spa Near You: Just do It at Home

The Best Asian Massage Spa Near You: Just do It at Home
The Best Asian Massage Spa Near You: Just do It at Home

The concept of Asian massage is similar to that of traditional Chinese medicine, which involves the use of various techniques to promote relaxation and improve the body's overall well-being. Although it can have varying effects on the body, all of these are designed to help promote mental and physical relaxation. Unlike other types of massage, which only focus on one area, Asian massage is not like other services and will treat different parts of the body.

Different kinds of Asian Massage

Acupressure Massage

Chinese medicine, which has been developed for more than 5,000 years, is a method of massaging using precise pressure on certain parts of the body. By specifically targeting these specific areas, the tension that normally builds up in these areas is released, resulting in significant relief.

Acupressure uses the same principles as acupuncture because they target the same points. However, they do not use needles to "Pierce" the spots. Instead, they apply pressure, which is how massage gets its name.

What's interesting about this massage is that if you know how to do it, and You can't find the Asian Massage Spa near You, you can do it yourself. It can provide immediate relief for certain diseases and conditions.

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurvedic massage originated in India. This is a technique that focuses on the body chakras and mamas, similar to acupuncture points in traditional Chinese medicine. According to tradition, there are countless mothers in the body.

The massage focuses on the 107 major breasts located at joint, bone, artery, tendon, flesh, and vein junctions. This is the crux of most body aches and pains. This massage also uses essential oils and aims to use technology to open and clean energy channels that may become blocked over time. The technique also stimulates all the senses, which also helps in the healing process.


In Japanese, the word "finger pressing" refers to a type of massage that uses various techniques to release tension and promote relaxation. Some of these include kneading, tapping, and stretching.

Although Shiatsu itself is an Asian massage, it further expands into different styles, all of which have some connection to one of the three massage systems that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. This kind of massage is actually very common in the West. However, unlike other well-known massages, this one does not use any oil at all and can be performed while the customer is clothed.

Thai Massage

A Thai massage is a type of full-body contact that combines the use of various techniques such as yoga poses and Indian principles. It can be used while the patient is wearing clothes.

You can also wear your Yoga Bra to massage to get the ultimate relaxation, but remember, choose those whose straps can be removed , because sometimes your therapist need to apply something on your back or the place that you need to be massaged.

During the massage, the therapist works along defined lines on the body and the client is positioned along those lines. As a result, the patient's fingers and limbs will be pulled into different positions, and some knuckles will be broken. Of course, like real yoga, the client feels relaxed at the end of the session, which usually lasts two hours.

The Best Asian Massage Spa Near You: Just do It at Home

Here are the guides that helps you self-massage.

Not every city and state has an Asian massage spa. So what if you're interested in this ancient and magical way of relaxing and have no one to give you a massage? We provide you with some very simple and easy to learn massage methods, so that you can enjoy the relaxation of Asian massage at home.

1. Rub your hands

Rub your hands together with the palms of your hands, slowly but firmly, ten times. Then interlock your fingers and squeeze them three times. This massage helps to promote blood circulation to the chest, face and fingers.

2. Wipe your forehead

Bend your two index fingers so that they form a hook and rub slowly outward from the middle of your forehead to your temple with moderate pressure. You can also wipe your eyebrows. Repeat 5 times. This massage can help improve blood circulation to the forehead, reduce stress and refresh the mind.

3. Squeeze your ears and your scalp

Squeeze the ear with your thumb and index finger, with moderate pressure, from the top of the ear to the bottom of the earlobe. Repeat 5 times. Before massaging the ears, please remove the earrings and piercing. This massage can help stimulate circulation in the ear, liver, kidney passages and lower back.

Massage your scalp with your five fingertips. For a full body massage, avoid your face and massage with medium pressure for 1 minute. This massage helps release tension and pressure in the head. It helps to clear and relax the mind.

4. Rub your body

Place your hands palms down on your ribs. Rub firmly and slowly in a circular motion. This massage can improve circulation to the liver passages, help with bloating, bowel movement and reduce stress.

Place your entire right palm on your abdomen and cover it with your left hand. Knead clockwise slowly and vigorously five times, then counterclockwise five times. This massage can help improve abdominal circulation and aid digestion and defecation.

Use your fists (and knuckles) to massage your lower back, including your hips. This massage can help improve circulation in the back and legs.

The Best Asian Massage Spa Near You: Just do It at Home

After These Tips

Asian massage has come a long way since the ancient Asian tradition was developed. But no matter how different they are, they all aim to promote the health of those who experience them. If you haven't already, you can try them all and see which one best suits your needs and preferences. With the steps above, you can also do an Asian massage at home in your spare time to give you and your body a thorough relaxation for the coming week.

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