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Gummy Bear Implants - A Comprehensive Guide for You

Gummy Bear Implants - A Comprehensive Guide for You
Gummy Bear Implants-A Comprehensive Guide for You

If you're planning on getting a new bikini for the summer, then you might want to consider getting a breast augmentation. In this procedure, your body will appear more feminine and curvaceous so that your bathing suit will fit perfectly. As women become more aware of the latest advancements in the cosmetic industry, they are more likely to seek out procedures that can help them look their best.

Today, there are various types of breast implants available, such as the Gummy Bear implants. In this article, you will learn more about these natural-looking implants.

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

The rise of the gel-based breast implants known as 'gummy bears' during the 2000s was the culmination of over a century of innovation. These are considered to be the best option for breast augmentation due to their ability to retain their shape.

In contrast to other types of breast implants, which are usually filled with liquid, gel breast implants are thought to be form-stable. They are made to hold their shape even if the implant shell gets broken. For this reason, they are commonly referred to as 'gummy bears'. They are designed to create a variety of shapes and features for the breasts.

A co-gel breast implant is designed to maintain its shape and appearance better than traditional implants. This type of gel-filled breast implant is commonly referred to as a 'gummy bear' implant. It can be molded into a shape that's ideal for women.

As a result of their safety and appearance, Gummy Bear implants have become very popular since they were approved by the FDA in 2012. These are made by three different companies: Allergan, Sientra, and Mentor. These unique holding implants were approved after eight years of clinical trials.

What are Other Kinds of Breast Implants?

Except for gummy bear implants, silicone, and saline are other two different kinds of implants that have different benefits.

  • Silicone Breast Implants
  • Silicone gel-filled breast implants are considered the most natural type of breast implant by most women. This is because they are round and have a fuller top portion. These implants are FDA-approved for use in women who are 22 and older.

    They can also be used for breast reconstructions and augmentation. To ensure that the implants are working properly, your plastic surgeon will perform regular follow-up visits.

  • Saline Breast Implants
  • The outer shell of a saline breast implant is made of a type of medical-grade silicone. It's filled with sterile saline solution, which gives it a uniform shape and feel. It can be used for breast augmentation or reconstruction in women of all ages.

Gummy Bear Implants-A Comprehensive Guide for You

What are the Differences between Gummy Bear Implants and Other Traditional Implants?

The main difference between a traditional silicone implant and a gummy bear implant is the consistency of the gel that's inside the shell. Gummy bear implants have a more stable gel, which means they're more likely to stay in their original shape even if the shell gets damaged.

Both the traditional and the gummy bear implants are soft, similar to the bounce of natural breast tissue. However, the difference is that the former is harder due to the higher density of its gel.

Unlike traditional silicone implants, which tend to rupture, the shells of gummy bear implants do not have a risk of leaking into the breast tissues. This makes them a safer alternative to traditional implants.

Aside from being more stable, the shells of gummy bear implants do not require the use of existing breast tissues. This makes them an ideal choice for women who have undergone a breast reconstruction procedure.

Gummy Bear Implants Pros and Cons

  • Provide a stable shape
  • Unlike other implants, the gummy bear's gel remains in its intended shape even as your body moves. This helps minimize the risk of implant shifting. It also has a shape-memory feature that allows it to return to its original shape when moved.

  • Perkier than other implant types
  • Some people think that the cohesive silicone-gel implant is more realistic than other types of implants due to its stable shape. On the other hand, others think that it does not move like natural breast tissue. For instance, it will remain in place even when one is lying down instead of flowing down.

  • More longevity than other breast implants
  • Although a gummy bear implant is said to be more stable than other types of implants, it is not yet clear how long they will last. Due to their unique design, these are considered to be more stable than other implants. However, over time, these materials will eventually start to fatigue.

  • Less likely to result in capsular contracture.
  • One of the most common complications that people experience after having breast augmentation is capsular contracture, which is a scar tissue buildup that forms around the implant. Although it is known that gummy bear implants are less likely to develop capsular contracture than other implants, it is still not yet clear if this is the case.

  • Gummy bear breast implants are more expensive than standard silicone gel implants.
  • Although we try to provide competitive pricing on our procedures, the cost of a gummy bear implant is higher than that of a standard breast implant.

  • Unlike others, Gummy bear implants do not shift like natural breast tissue.
  • Unlike natural breast tissue, which can shift when a woman lies down, the shape of a gummy bear implant does not change. This means that it will remain the same size even if a woman is standing up.

  • Compared to other implants, they require a longer incision.
  • The smallest incisions require saline-filled implants, which must be placed through a slightly longer incision than standard silicone gel implants.

Gummy Bear Implants-A Comprehensive Guide for You

Are Gummy Bear Implants Safe?

After several years of evaluation, it's considered safe to have breast implants. Your doctor will perform regular checks to make sure that the implants are in the right place and don't rupture. In the past, ruptured implants could cause tissue to swell and eventually spill out of the shell.

Gummy bear implants are less prone to rupture and leak than other types of medical devices, such as saline and silicone gel. However, they can still leak, which is why it's important to regularly monitor them. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also recommends that patients have MRIs three years after they're placed and every two years thereafter.

How are Gummy Bear Implants Cost?

The cost of a gummy bear implant can vary depending on the provider and your doctor. For instance, one firm that offers these implants says that they can cost up to $12,000. Aside from the surgery itself, there are other costs associated with the use of gummy bear breast implants, such as anesthesia fees and hospital accommodations.

It's important to check with your doctor before proceeding with the procedure to ensure that all of these factors are included. It can take up to several weeks for patients to fully recover.

Other Considerations

Even though breast implants can last up to 30 years, they may not be the right choice for everybody. Some implants can last for up to 10 years, while others will need to be removed or replaced at some point. Before you decide to have a procedure, be sure to ask your doctor if your implants will last longer than that.

Even if the risks of rupture and leakage from a gummy bear implant are lower than those from a traditional breast implant, it can still be hard to detect. After three years, you should have an MRI performed every two years to check for shell rupture.

Final Words

If you are interested in having breast implants, schedule a consultation with a skilled surgeon. During this process, he or she will evaluate and discuss your goals and concerns. After the meeting, the surgeon will create a customized treatment plan that will help achieve the ideal results.

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