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Do You Really Know Spray Tanning?

Do You Really Know Spray Tanning?
Do You Really Know Spray Tanning?

As we all know, baking in the sun or in a tanning bed all day is really unhealthy and bad for our health. Since 2000s, spray tans have been one of the most popular ways of tanning among the young people who pursue the beautiful, gorgeous kissed-by-the-sun bronze like Ariana Grande. However, making spray tan on your own will at the risk of getting completely orange and splotchy. What's more, if you don't prep and treat your skin for a spray tan in a right way, even the best spray tan won't last too long. Here are the guides that help you get a natural and beautifully sun-kissed tan skin.

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning, just like its name indicates, it is a form of self tanning or sunless tanning by spraying a fine mist onto the body. The ingredient call DHA in the fine mist interact with your own skin, and turn it beautifully sun-kissed bronze.

The whole process of spray tanning will last from 3 to 7 days. It's much safer than baking in the sun or in a tanning bed all day. Many celebrities and model choose spray tanning to get the skin color they want.

Typically, you can get spray tanning in a beauty salon. There are several jets to spray your entire body with fine mist. If you prefer get spray tanning alone or at home, you can buy spray tanning products that have the same ingredient.

Tips Before You Get Spray Tanning

1. Don't get makeup before you getting here. If you need to turn up with foundation, you can wipe out all your makeup with the face wipes that most salons will provide. For ultimate convenience, you can also take them by yourself.

2. Before you start spray tanning, get undressed. If you wish, you can keep your underwear, but it is still recommended to get totally undressed to ensure the best come out of the tanning. In addition to clothes and your undies, jewellery are also need to be removed before tanning. For the best convenience, you can take some disposable pants or thong to wear after you get tanned. Next, to protect your locks, you can take a hair net or turban.

3. Consider how deep you want to go, before the therapist ask you and even before you go to the beauty salon. If you are not able to describe how deep you go in words, you can show them the pictures you found in social platform such as pinterest and instagram. In addition, you can show them the photos of the celebrities to let them know what you like.

Do You Really Know Spray Tanning?

During the Spray Tanning

They will tans by their styles. Although they tan in different ways, most of them start from the body, especially the front of the body. What you only need to do is to listen to what they say and turn around or lift your hand to show the part they are difficult to spray. Although it is silly to follow, this process can make sure you have a wonderful spray tanning. Keep in mind, follow the instructions, you won't regret about this advice.

Also during the tanning, all good therapists will wipe down your palms and cleanse your nail, so that you won't look like an addict after smoking for more than 40 years. Some of the advanced will buff you skin, and dry you down with air hoses to make you dry and perfect.

After Spray Tanning and Drying

You can get dressed. However, you still need to wear loose dark clothing. Avoid wearing something too tight, because the tight clothes will rub off the tan you just sprayed. You skin will look darker than the moment when you just finished. If you smell like malty biscuits, don't worry, this is so normal. If you want to cover the smell, you can spray some perfume to your clothes but not your skin.

After six or eight hours you can take a good shower to ensure the best effect of spray tanning. If you don't want to wash even after eight hours, don't worry, you can wash yourself until the next morning. Then now, take a good sleep. But before to do this, make sure your bed sheets are not white. Or you can put towels on the bed sheets to keep your white sheets from being tanned.

The time your spray tan lasts depends on your life habits, but typically it last from five days to twelve days. Your face and hand will last shorter because you wash them more frequently. If you want to keep your lovely tanned skin for longer time, you can buy a self-tanner to prolong the time they last.

Is Spray Tanning Safe?

For the most circumstance, it is fairly safe. However, according to the advice from FDA, it's better to minimize the inhalation of tanning spray and keep them out of your eyes and nose. Therefore, while you get spray tanning, if you want to be absolutely safe, you can use something to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth. For example, you can wear a nose clip and cover your eyes.

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